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Consultant Analyst, IT Delivery at PA Consulting Group
at PA Consulting Group

How would you describe your job in 2-3 lines?
Working on key client engagements but also some internal work.
What do you actually do on a day-to-day basis?
This can differ greatly; at the moment, I spend my time on either one or two assignments. Firstly, I'm developing and promoting an iPad app for the finance sector. This is a demonstration of our capability and something we could also potentially sell to clients. Secondly, I am providing short term technical support to a complex IT system that is in need of rescue. I'm investigating current issues and working directly with the client to help resolve them.
What are the main positives and negatives to your job?
Exciting projects and knowing that you’ve made a difference.
In what ways has the reality of your job differed from your prior expectations?
I have been given more responsibility and independence than I would have anticipated for my rank and experience. I am in regular contact with senior clients and always encouraged to extend the accounts and grow the relationship.
What advice would you give to candidates applying for a similar role at this company
Look back over everything you've ever done and see if you can articulate what you've learnt from every experience. This job relies heavily on using and learning from experience.
As assignments are always bespoke to the client, they're often the first time you'll have done that particular type of work.
Also think about where you want to be in five years time. PA is so broad in its capabilities, and moving between areas of the organisation is so flexible, that you have the power to decide your own fate. If, of course, you have a clear idea of the future you want to pursue.
What hours do you actually work, on average? 9amto 6pm.
With the benefit of hindsight, would you choose to do this job again?
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Consultant Analyst
IT Delivery
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Date of Review: 05th Nov 2010
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