Graduate Job
at Severn Trent

Employer: Severn Trent

What you’ll be doing

The Business Leadership Programme consists of three nine-month placements. In this time, you’ll work side-by-side with teams, leaders and technical experts in very diverse areas of Severn Trent. You can expect to be collaborating with frontline operations to train staff, producing and delivering tenders for new business, or signing off detailed technical designs for our networks. This is Fluid Thinking in practice. You’ll stretch your knowledge, enhance your skills and become an all-round expert in everything that makes our business flow.   

As you will be working on the frontline of our business we are there, with a firm foundation, to support you. You’ll receive rigorous training and a line manager who will tailor your development to your specific needs and interests. 

Where we’ll take you

At the end of your programme you’ll have the key tools and understanding you need to take on a Business Leadership role at Severn Trent. In some instances, our Graduates will step into one of these positions immediately. In most cases they’ll take on a substantive position in a department of their choice before making that transition.  Whichever route you end up taking, we’ll continue to support you, explaining your options and helping you to pick one that suits your objectives

Essential Information



Job Type:

Full Time (Graduate Job)

Qualifications Required:

• A degree in any discipline with any grade qualification • New ideas and challenging perspectives • Proactivity, curiosity and a drive to learn • The ability to deal with and adjust to change • The confidence to work both independently and as part of a team

Application Process:

To apply please visit our website by clicking on the Find Out More button below. To apply email: [email protected] or if you’ve got any questions, email the team at [email protected] Recruiting from 11th Sept to ongoing. Early applicants recommended.

Contact Details


0247 6323 260

Employers constantly tell us that there is nothing that impresses them more than a graduate who has properly researched the company and really knows why they want to work there - so make sure that you tell them in your application that you have read-up all about them on TheJobCrowd and so you really know what makes that company great and why they are right for you. It will help your application, we promise!