What path led you to Swiss Re?

After my studies in civil engineering, I chose to go into finances because many of my skills, like research and data analysis, could be transferred. I knew Swiss Re was a big brand, but what really impressed me was the work environment. I thought of of finance as more traditional – working in a cubicle without talking to anyone, basically. At Swiss Re I saw people hot-desking and interacting with each other, and I liked the idea of that.

How is Swiss Re’s Graduate Programme Special?

What’s most special is the exposure to people from different areas. You get to know what they’re doing and at the same time build your reputation. The group project and the rotations are also great. The graduate experience is about getting a broad knowledge base before deciding where to deepen your expertise.

What do you like most about working at Swiss Re?

My colleagues are always willing to explain things, no matter how many questions I ask. This allows me to find out what’s behind a certain number on a report, a piece of regulation or why we do things a certain way. This is very valuable early in your career. Every day I leave working knowing more than when I came.

About the employee

  • Name – Arnold Tsz Cheuk Ho
  • Degree studied – Civil Engineering
  • University attended – Imperial College London
  • Job title – Graduate Risk Analyst, Risk Management
  • Location – London, UK
  • Length of time with the company – 2 Years



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