Name: Biane Aliyar
Degree studied: BSc Economics (1st class)
University attended: University of Exeter
Job title: Technical Trainee
Location: Egham/London/Farnborough/Woking/Solent/Leatherhead
Length of time with the company: 1 year 3 months

Why did you choose your company?

People are at the heart of what we do at Menzies. At the outset I wanted to join a company where I believed every individual was valued and their contribution mattered.

From the very first telephone screening interview until today my experience confirms this is a core value and is further demonstrated through our brighter thinking strategy whereby we go beyond the numbers to inspire our clients and place emphasis on strong relationships that are at the centre of everything we do.

Menzies emphasises the importance of building strong relationships not only with our clients but with our colleagues as well through sharing our knowledge and expertise with each other in order to grow the company and allow us all to share in that success.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?

Through my role as technical trainee, I am one of the main contacts for any technical accounting and audit methodology queries within the firm meaning that each day presents a new challenge/technical query and as cliché as the saying is “no two days are the same”.

Not only do I provide technical accounting and auditing advice to teams but I also keep up to date with any technical updates and ensure these get communicated out to staff through lunch and learns or blogs.

This role provides me on a daily basis with the opportunity to interact with all levels of employees within Menzies from trainees through to partners.

Which skills/experience are key for your role?

The skills that are key for my role are broadly consistent with those of any technical accountant role:
• Reliable & Punctual.
• Positive & Enthusiastic.
• Ambitious & Professional.
• Self- starter that can work on their own initiative.
• Analytical skill set.
• Organised.
• Commercially and strategically minded.

Most importantly be a positive and optimistic role model that is willing to learn and have fun along the way.


What are the best things about your job?

Having access to a wealth of talent every day that are both knowledgeable and supportive on a daily basis inspires and encourages me to be the best I can be.

As a result I have a fulfilling job where I am faced with a challenging and diverse range of queries each day which gives me the opportunity to assume responsibility and make decisions on a daily basis and continue to learn and develop my skillset which all very much has a major impact on my employee satisfaction.

How does the graduate programme/scheme work?

At Menzies, we provide new colleagues & graduates with a variety of tools and resources including formal learning programs, development plans and routine one to one sessions with managers.
New hires are given the opportunity to own their careers, in an environment where they feel supported and empowered.
In these early days I found it so beneficial to meet with my manager regularly to discuss goals, expectations and progress. I used these check in as an opportunity to discover the objectives for my role and improve my understanding the culture of the company and the role I could play in contributing to the vision of Menzies.
If like myself you are interested in becoming ACA qualified on a graduate training programme, then Menzies use a specialist firm of tutors to provide you with a comprehensive programme alongside the work experience you gain with Menzies to help you achieve full qualification.
What sets your company apart from their competitors as a top graduate employer?

Menzies has a clear and robust training and developing pathway for all new graduates, it was important for me that I joined a company that had an established pathway for career progression.
Menzies main focus is providing a Brighter Thinking approach with clients which goes the extra mile beyond the numbers and inspires our clients.
The same can be said for their approach to their employees within the company. Menzies continuously encourage their staff to develop their skillset and achieve their objectives.

What’s next for you after the programme finishes?

Currently I am still studying for my ACA exams with Menzies and have hopes to qualify as a chartered accountant at the end of this year.

After qualification, I am committed to developing my career and progressing further at Menzies. My aim is to continue to expand my technical knowledge further and to seek positions with even greater responsibility.

What advice would you give someone applying for a role with your company?

During your first few months in a new job, it’s all about learning how to perform new tasks, clarifying your role, building relationships with colleagues and your manager, and embracing the values of the organisation.
My advice would be to take it one step at a time. No one expects you to be perfect on day one – Adopt a learning and growth mind-set!