• Type of apprenticeship: Higher (Level 4 and above)
• Job title – Finance Appprentice
• Location – Coventry
• Length of time with the company – 3 Years

About the Company
• Apprenticeship opportunities (roles/positions for apprentices): Schemes open for Applications in February. Final programmes to be announced but expected to include: Technical Operations & Maintenance, Engineering, Finance & Technology
• Contact details/email: [email protected]
• Locations – East & West Midlands


Why did you choose your company?

I chose Severn Trent because they are a FTSE 100 company with great opportunities for career progression, it was a great place to start my finance career.

What do you do on a day-to-day basis?
I’ve rotated through a couple of roles during my time on the apprenticeship scheme, my most recent role being in management accounting where I took care of the costs for certain areas of the business, making sure that they’re all recorded in the correct place.

Now I’m working towards delivering the fact pack for the Finance Director for the half year results announcement.

Which skills/experience are key for your role?
Professional scepticism is hugely important in my current role, making sure that I am able to spot when figures don’t quite look right and questioning why. Attention to detail is also key.

What are the best things about your job?
I get to work with so many different people across the business and this is great for networking and gaining a better understanding of what Severn Trent does as a business.

How does the apprentice scheme/programme work?
I rotate through 4 roles during my 3 year apprenticeship alongside studying level 3 & 4 AAT.

What sets your company apart from their competitors as a top apprentice employer?

Severn Trent is set apart from their competitors by the consistent support across all areas for the studiers in those departments. Severn Trent are extremely understanding of needing study time or even if you might need some additional support, they make sure they can do their best to help with this.

What’s next for you after the programme finishes?

I want to continue studying in order to become a fully qualified accountant and Severn Trent is somewhere I can stay to do this. Once I’m qualified I’m hoping that Severn Trent will have set me up with all the right skills to be able to work abroad and travel with my career.

What advice would you give someone applying for a role with your company?

I would say to someone applying for a role within Severn Trent, don’t be afraid to be different. Severn Trent is hugely proud of it’s diversity, and setting yourself apart from other applicants is a good thing! Think outside the box with any presentations etc. as we want new ways of thinking in an ever changing industry.