About the employee

  • Name – Sophie Cave
  • Degree studied – Business Studies
  • University attended – University of the West of England (UWE), Bristol
  • Job title – Operational Finance Lead
  • Location – Multiple
  • Length of time with the company – 4 years

I joined Tulip on the graduate scheme in September 2014 as part of the Logistics team. Throughout my time in Tulip I have undertaken several roles from Supply Chain Project Coordinator to Technical/Traceability Projects, and now as Operations Finance Lead within our Fresh Division.

Why did you choose Tulip?

I chose Tulip as the fast paced environment would be exciting and challenging which I knew I would like in a job. From the assessment centre I could tell as a graduate there would be a lot of opportunities to experience a number of areas within the business; this would enable me to broaden my knowledge and to ensure I positioned myself within the right department. In addition, the company stresses the importance of the next generation coming through and I knew that I could make a big difference if I seeked out the opportunities and challenges Tulip gave me.


What key skills/experience did you gain from the Tulip Ltd graduate programme?

As part of the scheme we got to visit almost every site at Tulip, we got an insight into various different operational processes from Slaughter to Curing, from Butchery to Slicing. It is so important that even if you work in Finance you have an understanding of how we make the products, and having this opportunity was invaluable. The module that stands out for me on the grad scheme was the ‘Presentations’ module; I still refer back to my notes on this almost 3 years on!


What are the best things about your job?

The best thing about my job is the variety! I am involved in a number of different projects across a number of different areas, from Food Technical and Operations, to Finance and Supply Chain. I also work across 3 different sites, Tipton, Westerleigh and Ashton, enabling me to meet a lot of great people who have worked for the company a very long time that I am constantly learning from.


What sets your company apart from their competitors as a top graduate employer?

Tulip believes it is important that the ‘next generation’ is coming through, there are so many opportunities as long as you are willing to work and find them! I am in my 4th role within the company and worked in a number of areas from finance, logistics, supply chain and operations – so you will be able to have such a variety in order to help shape you and your career and get you into exactly where you want to be. The variety is fun but if you do want to go into a specific area then Tulip offer this too.


What advice would you give someone applying for a role with your company?

I would highly recommend concentrating on your skills, as I would imagine you haven’t got much experience at the moment! Pick maybe 4/5 ‘skills’ and give 2/3 examples of how you have demonstrated that within part time jobs or at university. Show enthusiasm and make sure when possible that you ask questions to show engagement. Also show high energy as we work in a fast environment, things constantly change and you need to be adaptable to this.