“I believe that we are attracting higher quality candidates by working with TheJobCrowd.” Graduate and Future Talent Manager, Barratt Developments

TheJobCrowd is the leading ranking of graduate and apprentice employers. Uniquely, TheJobCrowd bases its ranking entirely on anonymous feedback from employees making the ranking truly independent and credible.

98% of early career candidates are more likely to apply to work for a Company if they are one of TheJobCrowds Top Companies.


TheJobCrowd publishes its Top Companies ranking in September annually. The results are published:

  • On the website which attracts millions of views annually.
  • In a printed guide that is sent to every University and School in the Country (85,000 copies printed).

Registered companies receive:

  • A basic employer profile on this website which receives millions of views annually.
  • Reviews from your employees published in your employer profile.
  • Qualification to appear in the TheJobCrowds Top Companies.
  • 1 job listing for twelve months (the content of the listing can be amended throughout.)

Subject to achieving a ranking you will also receive:

  • Use of the Top Companies logo in your marketing material
  • Appearance in the Top Companies ranking published here
  • Appearance in the printed and digital versions of the Top Companies guide. The printed version of the graduate guide is sent to every university in the country (70,000 copies printed) and the apprentice guide is sent to every school in the country (15,000 copies printed).  Click here to see the current digital editions (link to digital editions page)
  • Appearance in the employer finder section of the printed guides (see page 77 onwards of the graduate guide here)
  • A prestigious Top Companies trophy
  • A Top Companies certificate

REMEMBER – 98% of early career candidates are more likely to apply to work for a business if they are one of TheJobCrowds Top Companies.

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How do I participate?


How long is the survey period?

The survey opens on December 1st 2018 and closes on the 31st March 2019.

Who is an “eligible employee”?

Any graduate-level employees or apprenticeship employees, who have been with you between three months and three years are eligible.

Are reviews moderated before being published on www.TheJobCrowd.com?

Yes, every review is checked for grammar, profane language and comments which we find to be emotive or unhelpful. We strive to maintain the integrity of the site and offer our visitors an accurate portrayal of working for the companies highlighted, whilst also recognizing the need to balance this with the objectives of companies taking part.

What is a “representative amount” of reviews submitted to be eligible for inclusion?

At least 50% of annual graduate/apprentice intake need to complete the survey, to ensure we receive an accurate account of what it is like for a graduate to work for you. All companies, regardless of annual intake, require a minimum of 5 reviews to be eligible. We help you to keep an eye on reviews submitted and let you know near the closing date, if more reviews are needed.

How are the results determined?

The results are based on a pure average of each company’s overall score, and split into two lists, Larger Intake (more than 30 graduates a year) and Smaller Intake (less than 30 graduates a year).

What is the deadline for confirming advertising in the printed guide distributed to every UK university campus?

All advertising (including sponsored content) must be confirmed by 1st July. The deadline for submitting ALL content to the Guide is 15th July. Companies not submitting their advertising or content by this date will forfeit their advertising fee, without exception.

What are the options to enhance our profile as a Top Company?

Please contact us for our up-to-date recruiter solutions. info@thejobcrowd.com


“We’ve been working with TheJobCrowd for a few years and currently invest in an online company profile, job postings and a double page spread. Many candidates apply for a graduate role directly from the Job Crowd site, or if they haven’t, they will almost certainly view our profile and read reviews on the site before submitting an application and I believe that we are attracting higher quality candidates by working with TheJobCrowd.”

Graduate and Future Talent Manager, Barratt Developments

“nucleargraduates have opted for the Energy sector sponsorship package for three years in a row as graduates applying to us consistently mention the fact that they were attracted to our scheme through our reviews and presence on TheJobCrowd.”

Recruitment & Selection Lead, nucleargraduates

The Job Crowd Graduate Benchmark Report contains a wealth of information that enables the discerning graduate recruiter to analyse their current strengths and weaknesses with regard to their approach to graduate development. The true value of the report, however, lies in the fact that you can compare your approach to other companies. I have never had such a wealth of information at my fingertips and the fact that the report is produced by a third party means that you are forced to take an objective and unbiased look at your practice.”

Head of Learning & Development, Steer Davies Gleave

“Data from the Graduate Employee Benchmark has highlighted the benefits of making adjustments to our programmes in some key areas. Feedback from our graduates showed that we were scoring lower than we would like compared with some of our graduate recruitment competitors. These findings have helped us make a concerted effort to further develop our graduate population and off the back of this data and the feedback it provided us on the changes being made I am delighted to see that our scores in all of the areas that we have addressed, are tracking way ahead of where they were last year – in some cases by over 40%.”

Global Graduate Resourcing Manager, Imperial Tobacco

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