Arts & Media Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Arts & Media

Application Advice: Show your passion for the role and the field which it is in, for example marketing, finance etc.
Interview Advice: Be yourself! Your personality is just as important as skills. Employers look for the right fit within the team, so showing your personality is key. Also using 'real work' examples, instead of university examples, when answering behavioural questions is more favoured and is what the employer is looking for.
Graduate - Marketing Executive, at 3M
Application Advice: Read the application questions and spend time thinking about honest, fun, creative and unique answers to each of them. Let your personality shine through.
Interview Advice: Have an opinion on our work - good or bad, and be prepared to explain why.
Graduate Marketing Manager, New Business & Marketing at CHI&Partners / The&Partnership
Application Advice: Make sure you are highlighting your experience specifically to the job role you are applying for. Do your research into what is going on at GE beyond the obvious and easily found. (There's a lot of it!)
Interview Advice: Review the GE competencies and have examples for each of your own experiences of them. Research your industry to know what is happening currently.
Intern - Marketing Communications , Marketing at GE
Application Advice: Mention all experience that you have on your application whether it be media related or not; often work experience that isn't media related will still count for your confidence, communication and people skills.
Interview Advice: Just be honest and chatty! You may be asked questions that will put you on the spot but it's how you handle the question which your interviewer will be looking for! Try to think creatively and be open minded.
Account Manager, Account Management at Mindshare
Application Advice: Do your research into the company and industry before the interview, they want you to know your stuff.
Interview Advice: Ask scenario questions, e.g. what would you do if this happened? etc.
Broadcast Apprentice, Broadcast at IPG Mediabrands
Application Advice: Express your passion for the industry.
at IPG Mediabrands
Application Advice: Enthusiasm, hardworking and time management.
Media Planning, Planning at IPG Mediabrands
Application Advice: Don't be generic! Mention what aspect(s) of Sky you're most interested in and why. Mention campaigns that you've seen that you liked, know about the market and competitors as a whole not just Sky, and do some research about the grad scheme and mention what aspects you're most excited about.
Interview Advice: Sky is just as much about relationships with colleagues as it is the work you do and execute, so be yourself! The interviewers are not looking for what you don't know, but what you do and how you can apply that information. They're not trying to catch you out!
Marketing Graduate, Marketing at Sky
Application Advice: Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Be confident, be yourself, be good at listening to others.
Account Executive, Account Management at CHI&Partners / The&Partnership
Application Advice: Take time to review your application and really think about your answers.
Interview Advice: Do a lot of prep on the agency's ads, as well as other ads and also on advertising industry as a whole. Be confident.
Account Executive, Account Management at CHI&Partners / The&Partnership