Construction Project Management Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Construction Project Management

"Research the skills required for the job and match to their own personal skills."
Assistant Site Manager, Construction at BAM Construct UK
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"Be committed, genuinely interested and willing to work hard and this will shine through at any interview."
Graduate, at Kier
"Always act yourself when given an interview. Always have a positive outlook on teamwork aspects. Properly research the projects the company undertakes in order to display knowledge."
Assistant Site Manager, Pre Contract at BAM Construct UK
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"Apply early as there is the opportunity the company to pay for your education whilst you work."
Assistant Site Manager, Devon & Cornwall at Kier
"Show why you want to enter the industry, projects you like, why this company, show you are aware of things happening in the industry (read construction news / journals so you know recent industry and company related information)"
Building Engineer, Major Projects at Kier
"Show the employer who you really are, not what you want them to think"
Placement Trainee Manager, Residential at Mace Limited
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"Learn all about what the company do. Show an interest to work for the company. Nobody is a perfect candidate straight out of Uni, but show an interest in the company. Get on the website. "
Assistant Section Manager, Operations at Kier
"Be prepared for a long hard day, but the satisfaction of delivering a project on time and in budget is worth every hour in the day"
Graduate Site Manager, at Morgan Sindall
"Gain as much experience onsite as possible before starting the job. Apply for a role with a local company for a summer placement. Often construction companies will do this as they need CSR and/or CCS scores and this is part of it. Be prepared to work for free, however, the benefits are excellent and work experience will open many doors"
Graduate Site Manager, at Kier
"Learn about the construction management process"
Assistant Project Manager, at Mace Limited
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