Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Application Advice: Be yourself. Positivity and enthusiasm is crucial to excelling and enjoying any role.
Interview Advice: Fail to prepare means preparing to fail. Do you research and show genuine interest.
Graduate, Graduate at Firmdale Hotels
Application Advice: Make sure you visit the different PH properties and get a real feel for the company you are applying to work for & the kind of seemless service you will be delivering.
Interview Advice: Preperation is key - read up about the company and do your research. Make sure to read the PH Hotels Blog as it is really helpful! Research the hotel industry such as the main competitors, and keep abreast of the developments in the market place.
Graduate Manager, Edinburgh at The PH Group
Application Advice: Emphasize why this programme and the company is right for you, show that you've thought about it.
Interview Advice: As cliché as it sounds, be yourself! If this programme is right for you they will see it, it is only fair for all that you stay yourself. Chances are if you don't get selected it's not right for you, but the people you meet throughout the selection process will give you good feedback and career advice - perhaps even an opportunity for another job in IHG.
Future Leader Revenue Management, Revenue Management at InterContinental Hotels Group
Application Advice: Must be willing to put in hard work. Trust me... It's worth it.
Interview Advice: Be prepared, learn the company values. Relax and enjoy learning all about PH.
Graduate Manager, at The PH Group
Application Advice: Prepare yourself for a challenging journey ahead, focus on doing your best and enjoy working.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, show your passion for the industry.
Graduate manager, Sales at The PH Group
Application Advice: Be yourself, be passionate and embrace who you are, that's what Firmdale want to see- they want your personality.
Interview Advice: Ask questions, research, be interested.
Management graduate trainee, Covent garden at Firmdale Hotels
Application Advice: Be positive and proactive, show 'can-do' attitude, be eager to learn not being afraid to make mistakes while learning, but learning from them as well, be willing to take responsibility.
Interview Advice: Smile a lot, be open, be confident in what you say and do, show genuine care about / interest in the job, working process and colleagues - you will have to show all these qualities serving guests, dealing with colleagues from other departments, leading your team.
Supervisor, F&B at InterContinental Hotels Group
Application Advice: Sell your previous job/university experience and why this would help you in the job.
Interview Advice: Show your passion for hospitality, be yourself and be confident.
Graduate Management Trainee, Various at Firmdale Hotels
Application Advice: Have an endless passion for the industry.
Interview Advice: Prepare a lot!
Graduate Management Trainee, Hotel Operations at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Give it your best. what you put in, is what you get out of the program.
Graduate Management Trainee, F&B, FO at Hilton Worldwide