Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Application Advice: Research the company first to make sure the job is what you want. After that, sell yourself on the application and don't be put off by the time it takes.
Interview Advice: Be yourself during your interview, your abilities will shine through that way. Make sure you've researched the company and prepare a question or two to ask the interviewer.
Graduate, at Compass Group
Application Advice: Be open, positive, humble and yourself.
Future Leader, at InterContinental Hotels Group
Application Advice: Being open-minded towards diversified situations.
Graduate Management Trainee, Accelerate Programme at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: Spend time on it, don't rush anything. Answer honestly and don't try and overthink the process. Practise for the online tests, you can find loads of examples online. If this is your number 1 grad scheme (which it should be) then apply to others before so you understand the process; if you're not used to this kind of application it's good to have a feel for it before you start it.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, it's very quickly noticeable if you're not! Prepare and read up knowledge about the company because a) how can you even know you really want to work for a company if you don't know them and b) how are you going to convince the company you want to if you don't know yourself You don't need to sit knowing the exact locations of each attraction but knowing what brands are within Merlin is a good start. I was mainly asked competency based questions in my interview e.g. give us an example of when you have been creative give us an example of when you have gone above and beyond for a customer. Always try to give work based examples. You can find competency question examples all over, so think of examples for those questions and be prepared to think on your feet.
Graduate Marketing Trainee, at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: If one is not sure about what to do for a future job, there is no reason for applying. This is not an internship, but for those who have a clear vision and objective for career development in the tourism industry as far as I understand.
Interview Advice: Pretty much what you will do in the business, past work/internship experiences and yourself.
Graduate Management Trainee, Operations Management at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: Show in your application that you are passionate about what you do, that you are willing to work hard, learn and develop.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, be open, show that you can be flexible and willing to be challenged. Tell them what you think Merlin can do for you, but as well what you can do to support the company.
at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: Show all your ability, e.g. teamwork, leadership, individual thinking, responsibility and communication skills. They want to find a future manager for the company.
Global marketing graduate, at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: You obviously want to be professional, but don't be afraid to show your personality and think outside the box.
Interview Advice: The interview consists of a 2 day assessment with various group and individual activities. My number one piece of advice for this is work with the end goal in mind. Don't simply talk for the sake of contributing.
Marketing Trainee, Marketing at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: Be confident in yourself. Everyone is caught up in their responsibilities and if you lack self-motivation, you will find yourself lost and dazed.
Interview Advice: Have a balance of wits and fun. Be tactical and try to show that you think outside the box but never forget your personality. Merlin revolves around fun from the inside out.
Coordinator, Marketing at Merlin Entertainments
Application Advice: If you know someone who already works with the company, try to get a reference from them. Make sure you follow up with HR within a week of submitting your application.
Interview Advice: Make sure you are well versed in our values and are able to talk about which one you identify with personally.
Accelerate - Operations Graduate, Operations at Merlin Entertainments