Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism

Application Advice: I would firstly say be yourself and be prepared to have fun! Firmdale is one big family and you will not want to work anywhere else once you have begun.
Interview Advice: - Be yourself - Come prepared, look at the hotels, who are our owners? - Where have you worked in the past? - What are your strengths you can bring to Firmdale? - Why should you be selected?
Management Trainee, Ham Yard Hotel at Firmdale Hotels
Application Advice: Read about the company and be prepared. Know that Firmdale is all about finding characters, so try to show your personality and distinct yourself from the crowd.
Interview Advice: Know what you are signing up for. If you are applying for a job in Firmdale do know about the company and the job you are applying for. Be yourself and don't be afraid to show it.
Graduate Trainee, Head Office at Firmdale Hotels
Application Advice: Be yourself at the assessment centre!
Interview Advice: We had an online interview which was difficult, but try to relax and get your personality to come across.
Graduate Management Trainee, at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Know what you would like to achieve.
Interview Advice: Be yourself!
General Manager Development Programme 1 (Elevator), Europe at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: You need to be extremely passionate about working in hospitality and willing to work hard. You also need to be very confident working with people.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and make sure you are prepared.
Graduate Trainee, at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Be patient and have the will, you will succeed
Interview Advice: Be who you are. Hospitality needs different types of personalities so don't be afraid to be yourself
Graduate Manager, Front Office at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Be yourself!
Interview Advice: Competency based interviews.
General Manager Fast Track Trainee, Hilton London Metropole at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Have clear that it is what you really want. What is your goal? The programme is not always the best option and if you are not sure, do not try, or you will fail.
Interview Advice: Be determined and flexible in every way you can.
Management Graduate Programme, Operations at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: Be as natural as you can.
Interview Advice: Know about the company, finance, culture and CSR, know where the company is evolving, and ask the interviewer questions about their experience with the company- get them thinking!!
Graduate Trainee Manager, Front Office at Hilton Worldwide
Application Advice: The application process in Hilton Worldwide is well-organised and user friendly. It is important to include everything which is asked in your application and always exlpain in your letter the reasons why you apply. Always explain how you as an individual will benefit from the job offer but also how you will add value to this multinational company.
Finance at Hilton Worldwide