Surveyor Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Surveyor

Application Advice: Galliford Try are a fantastic employer working on some of the most exciting construction projects in the UK. The projects are diverse and in many cases innovative and employees feel proud to work on legacy projects.
Interview Advice: Make it evident that you are enthusiastic and keen to learn. That you understand what a fantastic opportunity it would be to become a Galliford Try graduate.
Graduate Quantity Surveyor, London at Galliford Try
Application Advice: Confirm working location
Interview Advice: Sell yourself
Commercial Manager, UAE at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: Should have collated significant "experience".
Cost Consultant, at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: As long as they are willing to work professionally and as hard as need be, Kier offers huge career opportunity.
Interview Advice: Have a clear understanding of what you have to offer to Kier and how you feel Kier can help you meet your own career aspirations.
Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Infrastructure at Kier
Application Advice: It's challenging, however if you work hard, the rewards are available.
Interview Advice: Do some research and if you have the opportunity to, get some work experience even if it is unpaid.
at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: A lot of experience beforehand Well presented CV Stand out from crowd
Interview Advice: Confidence Good presentation skills Knowledge of property market and economy in general Excel skills being able to answer general completency questions eg Give an example of where you have had to perform under pressure
Graduate Surveyor, Business Space Investment at Savills (UK) Limited
Application Advice: Be prepared to work hard and long hours
Interview Advice: Make sure you understand the job role inside out, be enthusiastic, study around the subject
Graduate Surveyor, Minerals & Waste Management at Savills (UK) Limited
Application Advice: Try to ensure you have something interesting/captivating on your application that will make you stand out in some way.
Interview Advice: Research into the job role and project variety. Research into any projects near you.
Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Retail banking/UK at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: Ensure you have sufficient and relevant work experience.
Interview Advice: Understand the role you are applying for and why you want it
Graduate Surveyor, at Savills (UK) Limited
Application Advice: An individual should be a type of employee which aims for the''quality'' of work, has a care and attention to his/her work.
Cost Consulant, Cost and Commercial at Arcadis - EC Harris LLP