Surveyor Graduate Application & Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working in Surveyor

Application Advice: Be positive.
Interview Advice: Think about what the company is looking for in you.
Graduate, Asset Management at Knight Frank
Application Advice: Redrow appreciate someone who can bring diversity to the table and the ability to share opinions.
Graduate Role, Commercial at Redrow Homes
Application Advice: Demonstrate enthusiasm for the industry, ability to work as a team player and personality.
Graduate Role, Commercial at Redrow Homes
Application Advice: Do your research, prepare, and let your personality shine through.
Interview Advice: Don't let the interviewer make assumptions about you based on your CV. Challenge those assumptions if needs be.
Ast Development Manager, Development at Royal Mail
Application Advice: Do your research and read the questions fully when answering the questions online.
Interview Advice: Dress smart and make sure you know about the company.
Graduate Quantity Surveyor, Commercial at Berkeley Group
Application Advice: Good numerical and personable/communication skills.
Interview Advice: Confidence in ability and honesty of aspiration backed up by an interesting personality and experiences.
Development Manager, Developments at Mace Limited
Application Advice: Be yourself and be confident in your skills.
Graduate Trainee, Commerical at Crest Nicholson
Application Advice: Read the questions and answer what is asked when applying. Understand Berkeley Group and their core values and developments.
Interview Advice: Small intimate assessment centres with direct access to directors. Understand Berkeley and their vision and know the developments they are building. If you have the chance visit one of their sales and marketing suites.
Commercial Graduate, Commercial at Berkeley Group
Application Advice: Thorough research of the company and the responsibilities which fall under your role. Also, research what the graduate scheme entails.
Interview Advice: Be yourself.
Commercial Graduate, Commercial at Barratt Developments
Application Advice: Firstly, know the company and what their values are. Barratt prides itself on the core principles and is proud of being a national volume house builder while also scoring highly in sustainability criteria and customer satisfaction. The application process is tough so be prepared to be put through your paces. They need to know if you are right for the job and that they are the right choice for you. The scheme is great but demanding so the application process will definitely show if you are right for the job.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. There's no point pretending to be someone else to get the role and then finding out it is too much for you or not what you were expecting. They will be scoring you against set criteria which is quite broad. They are looking for the leaders of tomorrow so will mark you on your existing and potential skills.
Assistant Surveyor, Commercial at Barratt Developments