Arcadia Group Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Arcadia Group

Application Advice: Be enthusiastic, ask questions. In terms of the job be prepared to be away from home.
Interview Advice: Honesty, preparation. Know the company.
Ecologist, Ecology at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: If you are applying for this job, it is obviously a job you want and you should show that in your application. You may think that they don't need to know every single experience or training you have, it may seem like something small you did a year or ago but all your experiences, training and skills is what makes you capable to do that job and you should portray that as much as possible. Don't be afraid to inject some personality into the application, especially if there is a section where you are asked about yourself. Applying for a job never focuses 100% on whether you can do the actual job, your personality is also observed, the employer wants to see if you are a nice person, will you get on well with colleagues and if you are right for them.
Interview Advice: Preparation is key! Don't arrive to the interview without having researched the job and company. An interview is not only about them finding out if you are suitable for the position but its also about you finding out if it's a job/company that will suit you. If you have carried out research and prepared questions you want to ask, you will gain a better understanding of what the job/company will require of you. It will also put you at ease as you will not enter your interview with nothing to say or ask. Again, a bit of personality is great, at the end of the day you may all be colleagues and will spend a lot of time together, showing them you are a nice person is a good thing. Lastly, don't be nervous, an interview is not about testing what you do and do not know, they have read your CV and asked you for an interview, they know you are capable for the position. An interview is about showcasing your knowledge and skills and showing them you do know what you're talking about!
at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Arcadis want people who will stay with them long term because they invest a lot in their people. So they want to see that you plan a future with them and that you are keen to learn and develop your skills in order to move up the ladder with them.
Interview Advice: Be yourself. Be Confident and show that you are keen to learn and develop with Arcadis.
Graduate Engineer, Cardiff at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: If you are passionate about the Built Environment but are not yet sure of exactly what career route you want to take, Arcadis is the place to be. If you want Purpose from a career which affects every element of the Built Environment; Water, Infrastructure, Environment and Buildings then Arcadis is the place to be. You are actively supported to experience other career routes in order to allow you to enjoy your work whilst delivering best value for the clients and Arcadis. Expect to be challenged but remember that your career will always be in your own hands.
Interview Advice: Research the company. Research the news relating to Arcadis and the economy generally. Smile, enjoy it, make friends with the other candidates. Get as much experience and extra Curricular on your CV as possible.
Cost Consultant, Property at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Do lots of research on the job role.
Interview Advice: Scenarios about the job role.
Merchandise Admin Assistant, Jersey at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Ensure you have a thick skin and you are confident.
Interview Advice: Build on your experience and show how aspects of your previous experience translates into the job.
at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet a little bit, get as much on the application as possible but ensure it still reads well. Your answers should be clear and concise but hard-hitting to show you are determined and want this job.
Interview Advice: Research the job role thoroughly so that you have a rough understanding of what the day-to-day job roles will entail. Have a good understanding of the company - where it began, how it has changed, what the future holds, what factors are influential in its industry. You need a really good grounding in this. You want to get to know the company well before the interview - I find this makes you more hungry for the job, and makes you more passionate.
Finance Analyst, at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Visit all types of stores, i.e. if the brand you are interviewing for can be bought in other department stores, other websites...
Interview Advice: Do a customer analysis.
MAA, Wovens/Accessories at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Do your research, be prepared & show you are passionate for the brand.
Interview Advice: Prepare for your presentation in advance, be prepared to answer questions & demonstrate you know the market.
Merchandise Admin Assistant, International at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Be passionate for the Brand
Interview Advice: Show your personality
Merchandise Admin Assistant, Merchandising at Arcadia Group