Arcadia Group Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Arcadia Group

Application Advice: Do lots of research on the job role.
Interview Advice: Scenarios about the job role.
Merchandise Admin Assistant, Jersey at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Visit all types of stores, i.e. if the brand you are interviewing for can be bought in other department stores, other websites...
Interview Advice: Do a customer analysis.
MAA, Wovens/Accessories at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Ensure you have a thick skin and you are confident.
Interview Advice: Build on your experience and show how aspects of your previous experience translates into the job.
at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet a little bit, get as much on the application as possible but ensure it still reads well. Your answers should be clear and concise but hard-hitting to show you are determined and want this job.
Interview Advice: Research the job role thoroughly so that you have a rough understanding of what the day-to-day job roles will entail. Have a good understanding of the company - where it began, how it has changed, what the future holds, what factors are influential in its industry. You need a really good grounding in this. You want to get to know the company well before the interview - I find this makes you more hungry for the job, and makes you more passionate.
Finance Analyst, at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Do your research, be prepared & show you are passionate for the brand.
Interview Advice: Prepare for your presentation in advance, be prepared to answer questions & demonstrate you know the market.
Merchandise Admin Assistant, International at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Be passionate for the Brand
Interview Advice: Show your personality
Merchandise Admin Assistant, Merchandising at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Be passionate about your job
Interview Advice: know your brand
International MAA, International at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: -Be honest -Passionate -Have retail experience -Make sure you have a keen eye for emerging trends -ensure you have a keen eye for colours and print trend -Detail is very important
Interview Advice: -prepair a presentation in advance -Make sure you are confiident in what you are presenting -Dress so you are comfortable and express yourself -Prepair a question for the interviewer
BAA, at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: You will need to be very driven and motivated. you will need to be very organised and be happy to organise the department. you must be fantastic at admin and keeping track of samples etc. Critical Path previous experience Very good at communication Willing to learn new systems
Interview Advice: Be very keen. talk about past experience and about the brand talk about how we could improve as a brand
Buyers Admin Assistant, Lingerie/Sleep/Swim at Arcadia Group
Application Advice: Dress for your brand. The 'm' in merchandising is for 'Money.' Don't be afraid to highlight things your brand doesn't do so well on but suggest how we can approve.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, show your personality in a professional way. know your numbers. if your numbers are wrong in your interview that you've spent ages prepping they're going to be wrong in the fast paced environment we're in. Highlight your transferable skills. I have an English degree which is highly analytical. These two go hand in hand. Don't focus on creative aspects of the business. do mention them but link to merchandising and your potential job role.
Merchandising Admin Assistant , Knitwear at Arcadia Group