Waitrose Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at Waitrose

Application advice: Go into your local Waitrose and ask a manager for help. Use the internet
Department Manager, at Waitrose
Application advice: Read the graduate blog on the JLP Graduate website. Read up on the company in the news and on the corporate website. Go into a store and ask existing managers and Partners what it is like to work for us.
Department Manager , at Waitrose
Application advice: Spend time in our stores speaking to our partners about the business, and our management team about the challenges they face.
Graduate Trainee - Department Manager, at Waitrose
Application advice: Research the company. Visit the stores. Talk to partners. We are different from other major food retailers.
Graduate Trainee, at Waitrose
Application advice: I am unsure as to whether it is the same now, but I will describe what I had to do. The application is online, if you get through this then there are further scenario based questions. Read these carefully and pick/explain what you would honestly do. There is then an assessment centre which involves several group and individual activities such as completing tasks and an interview. You will have a rough idea beforehand of the questions so prepare these carefully and research research research! If you get through this the final stage is an in-store assessment in which you go to a store and have to complete some tasks and also have another interview. My advice would be to act naturally and think before you answer any question, which sounds simple but you want to be in a job that actually suits you as well as the company!
Department Manager-Graduate Trainee, at Waitrose
Application advice: Interview process included a group assessment day and an individual assessment day (consisted of a task and an interview). The main advice I would give is to be yourself. If you've written about your skills on your CV, make sure you display them at these times.
Department Manager, at Waitrose
Application advice: Online assessment - various qualification questions and personality questions. Online situational test Assessment centre at Head Office In branch assessment at a Waitrose branch.
Department Manager Retail Support, at Waitrose
Application advice: Online application followed by an online critical thinking examination. One day assessment centre comprising four tasks, a role play, a group problem solving task, an interview and an additional critical thinking examination. One day in branch assessment involving a branch specific analysis task and presentation.
Department Manager, at Waitrose
Application advice: I had one assessment day consisting of several exercises including role play, group work, and one to one discussions. On passing the first day I was invited back for an in store assessment and longer interview. I would advise being yourself the whole time.
Department Manager Graduate Trainee, at Waitrose
Application advice: There is an online assessment following application, then an assessment centre, and if you're sucessful there then you will have a one-to-one interview.
Graduate Trainee, at Waitrose
Waitrose Graduate Interview - Interview Questions and Tips For Waitrose


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