Five Signs You're In The Wrong Job



You did your research, aced the interview and launched yourself into your new role with gusto.
For some reason - things aren't working out as you'd hoped.
At some point in our working lives, most of us will find ourselves in the wrong job. 
It needn't be a career breaker. 
The important thing is to assess the signs and decide to take action.

Just in it for the money:
Sure, your job is the way you make your living, but if the only benefit is your pay slip, your working weeks will seem endless. Yes, financial reward matters; but it's also important to be challenged, motivated and recognised for your achievements. 

Billy no mates:
A good relationship with colleagues rates highly in the top ten factors contributing to job happiness. If you are struggling to bond, feeling left out or facing regular conflict, it could be an indicator that this team isn't the right fit.   

Feeling swamped:
Urgent deadlines are part of everyone's job, bringing unavoidable time-management challenges. However, if you're constantly having to work outside normal office hours and feel permanently frazzled, your level of stress is not sustainable. 

What learning curve? 
Your skill set is in stasis. What you do know is being under-utilised, and you're not developing new skills on the job or being given the chance to learn. If learning isn't a priority, you could see your career stall. 

If your job is more damp squib than pocket rocket, take action NOW, look for the job you deserve. 

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