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What are the Best and Worst things about your job?


The amount I am learning on a day to day basis.


The travelling to and from work. Having said this I signed up to the apprenticeship knowing the amount of travelling I would have to be doing.

What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: I'd rather not say

Current salary: I'd rather not say

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

Take time to research and become familiar with ISG as a company. Try to understand the aims of the company and the plans for the future which you will be taking part in if successful.

Give as much detail of yourself as possible.

Get a good knowledge of the 4 values within ISG.

Do you have any interview tips?

Be yourself.

Answer all questions in the way that you feel is right, don't try and give the answer you 'think' they are looking for by trying to be someone else.

Have a set of questions ready for the question and answer part of the interview so it shows that you are interested and want to find out more about the apprenticeship.

Have examples of things you have done ready to answer the questions. For example, different cases that you have done. I got asked about speaking frankly- I had to give an example of when I have had to do this. There are 4 values that you will be asked about within the interview so make sure that you had a good understanding of each one and examples of when you have performed each.

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