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Industry: Policy Delivery (Civil Service) Department: Transport, Economy, Environment Job Title: Project Support Officer

Industry: Fast Stream (Generalist) Department: All departments Job Title: Graduate Trainee

Industry: Research & Data Analysis Department: Community Safety Job Title: Community Safety Analyst

Industry: Research & Data Analysis Department: Children's Social Care and Learning Job Title: Graduate Project Officer

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Salary: Competitive
Employer: Southampton City Council
Deadline Date: 24/12/2021

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Buckinghamshire County Council

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Application Advice:

Demonstrate enthusiasm and research the organisation/local government issues prior to applying.

Above all, be authentic -- be honest about both strengths and weaknesses and for the latter try to show positive ways you are trying to improve/manage them.

Project Support Officer, Transport, Economy, Environment at Buckinghamshire County Council
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Application Advice:

Say yes to any task that's being given to you and figure out how to do it as you go along. The whole process is a learning opportunity and if you fight for a variety of tasks, you will get the best out of it.

Interview Advice:

The old cliché of being yourself is the best advice here. My assessment centre for BucksCC was around my 3rd one and it was certainly the one in which I acted most like myself.

Graduate Trainee, All departments at Buckinghamshire County Council
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Application Advice:

You need to evidence taking the initiative to gain experience - not everyone that was invited for interview had worked before, but everyone had some volunteering experience (at home or abroad).

Interview Advice:

Interview questions are as standard.
Be confident and realistic when presenting.
Be confident in the group assessment: you do not necessarily need to lead (unless this is one of your strengths) but you do need to influence the group decision in someway.

Community Safety Analyst, Community Safety at Buckinghamshire County Council
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Application Advice:

The application process for this role was quite rigorous and was actually one of the most challenging I have been a part of. There were a few stages, such as a phone interview, followed by an assessment centre with a group task, presentation and two separate interviews: motivational and practical. The advice I would give in particular for the presentation is do your research and look at what the council is currently doing in key business areas. I also think it is important to show that you have a genuine interest in working in the public sector and in particular which area of the council you would like to go into.

Interview Advice:

The best advice for the interview is to be prepared and don't be afraid to be honest. One of the questions was what is your biggest failure? It is important here to give a true reflection, but also explain how you have learnt from this. Again, the most important thing for the interview is to be aware of the council's current policies in each of the four business areas and to show a real interest in the organisation, as well as the wider public sector. If you have an interview you probably already have many of the competencies required for the role.

Graduate Project Officer, Children’s Social Care and Learning at Buckinghamshire County Council
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