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Banking and Finance


Accountancy & Insurance, Banking and Finance, Charity, Education & Public Sector, Construction and Civil Engineering, Consulting, Engineering and Manufacturing, Hospitality, Leisure and Tourism, IT Support & Telecoms, Law, Property and Housebuilding, Support Services (Including Recruitment)

Thomson Reuters

Accountancy & Insurance,  Banking and Finance,  IT Development & Consulting,  IT Support & Telecoms,  Law

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Industry: Banking and Finance, Sales & Trading Department: UK Cash Sales Job Title: Analyst

Industry: Support Services (Including Recruitment), Human Resources Management

Industry: Banking and Finance, Actuary & Risk Management Department: Credit Risk Job Title: Credit Risk Analyst

Industry: Banking and Finance, Investment Banking Job Title: Analyst

Industry: IT Support & Telecoms, IT Infrastructure & Networks Job Title: Non Officer

Industry: Banking and Finance, Regulation & Central Banking Department: Control Room Job Title: Compliance Graduate

Industry: Banking and Finance, Investment Banking Job Title: HR

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Application Advice:

Accept that actually you know very little about finance, companies, how to invest, etc. and express the desire to learn and develop skills rather than just state that you're already there.

Interview Advice:

Listen to the question, don't jump to an answer before they're finished as a) it's rude b) your answer won't be any good.

Analyst, UK Cash Sales at UBS
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Application Advice:

Show your genuine interest. If you're driven, determined and have true value that you can add, then demonstrate that and show that you know exactly what you're getting yourself in to and what it is that inspires you so much to do so.

Interview Advice:

Make sure you understand the context of the industry... don't go to an interview without having done the research.

, at UBS
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Application Advice:

Make sure you understand the differences between the different types of risk (including Market, Credit, Operational) and do research into when companies have mismanaged these.

Interview Advice:

Work on an ability to interpret what is happening in the macroeconomic environment and then apply that to a particular company. Be willing to have a view on the strengths and weaknesses of companies and opportunities in industries.
Discussions about credit risk can be quite subjective, so be willing to listen to other views. Additionally, make sure you focus on your presentation skills - be comfortable in speaking to someone and putting across an argument.

Credit Risk Analyst, Credit Risk at UBS
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