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What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: I'd rather not say

Current salary: I'd rather not say

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 8:30

Finish: 18:30

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

If you genuinely want a smooth transition from University to Pareto, and are suffering from 'Career Fear'.. consider Pareto. If you value training and qualifications, you'll like it here.

A lot of graduate roles are stagnant and 'assistant'-like, whereas at Pareto.. every role is at the forefront of the company, you are engaging with clients often and progression is so clear with progression charts shown to you every step of the way. The perfect organisation to join if you don't want to sit in the corner/shadows in the same role for 2 years!

Do you have any interview tips?

Show your personality - if you're money-motivated, progression-focused or want to end up as a Managing Director (usual routes are through finance or sales) then say!! Don't be shy, we love characters with energy and enthusiasm/passion for their own career paths and futures. Chuck out a greatest achievement, an embarrassing moment and where you want to be in 3 years time - and we'll be interested for sure.

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