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The following is a Graduate Review for Nestle.

Nestle scores 3.3/5 based on 88 reviews.

All reviews are based exclusively on results of feedback from employees from Nestle. Employees are asked to rate Nestle on a wide range of work place topics, which is broken down through star ratings on the right hand side.

To find out how your Graduates can leave reviews of your company, please contact our Brand Manager Jo on 01825 725291.

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 8:30

Finish: 17:00

Do you have any interview tips?


It is a strengths based interview designed to highlight your personal strengths, not trip you up with trick questions. Focus on skills such as leadership, teamwork, exceeding expectations, working with a variety of people etc. (refer back to position advert to find out what skills they are looking for) and make sure you give an example when you have demonstrated each skill at work, university or extracurricular activities (use STAR approach).
Focus on your personal skills rather than the organisation as the assessor is interested in your strengths rather than your knowledge on Nestle, however have a think about what responsibility Nestle has as business in the society.

Good way to approach it is to research strengths based questions, pick ones which you think are most likely to come up then prepare an answer for each .
Print the answers out and take them with you just in case nerves get the better of you, this way you can always refer back to get yourself back on track.

Group Exercise
Lead without authority, get everyone involved in the task and have a time keeper!

Usually related to the function you are applying for, so use any relevant knowledge.
Explain how you made a decision and be sure to have reasoning behind it. Try not to become flustered in the Q&A, you will get challenged, it’s how you respond which is critical.

Some other points to remember:

- They don’t expect you to be perfect. They are looking for potential, need to be flexible, agile and have the motivation and ambition to succeed. Demonstrate your strengths and understand the impact of your weaknesses.

- One concise and well informed input is better than three irrelevant or non-productive inputs. You need to give your reasons behind an idea, and think about the big picture. Consider the knock-on effects and implications.

- This is particularly important in the group task. Persuade, don’t argue.

- The key values of the company will usually be reflected in the key competencies they are looking for in the assessment centre.

Finally, if you are successful or unsuccessful always ask for feedback. This will provide you with an overview of your strengths and development

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