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What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: £27,000 - £29,000

Current salary: £27,000 - £29,000

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 9:00

Finish: 17:30

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

Show your desire to learn and work for the company. Be proactive, don't be afraid to ask too much. Show your personality, we need to know that you are the right fit for Computacenter!

Do you have any interview tips?

Don't try to be something you're not - it won't work. Compuacenter look for the sorts of people who will fit into the company. If that is you, you'll be fine. If you try to pretend it's you, then you'll probably get found out pretty quickly.
Energy and enthusiasm are much better than memorising last years annual report!

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