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What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: £27,000 - £29,000

Current salary: £27,000 - £29,000

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 9:00

Finish: 17:00

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

When applying for one of the Graduate schemes it is important to demonstrate your commitment and drive to do well in your career. CC is a people driven company and highly invest in their employees. Be yourself!

Do you have any interview tips?

CC want to ensure that they are the right fit for you just as much as you are the right fit for the company. When applying for one of the Grad Scheme I would highly recommend being yourself. Looking back now there was no need to be so nervous. Being able to recognise your transferable skills from any studies/job you have had previously is a good thing to do. CC are not looking for an IT background so don't let that stop you! Be the best you can and smile!

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