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What are the Best and Worst things about your job?


Capital stands out from the rest of the commercial crowd - it's a firm full of friendly and brilliantly ambitious people, who are passionate about what they do best.

Your voice is always heard at Capital, whether you're a managing partner or a paralegal. As a trainee, I was surprised by how much I was valued, how much responsibility I was given, and how my opinion and interests were taken into account.

The career and personal development opportunities are also excellent here. You're given a wide range of experience in the various departments (each with their own sub-teams and specialities) and have the chance to work with excellent clients, both within the UK and internationally.

What's particularly brilliant about Capital is the way in which it embraces individuality - rather than forcing you to conform with the corporate norm, you're encouraged to be yourself. It might sound like stating the obvious, but the benefits of this mentality really are significant.

What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: £17,000 - £19,000

Current salary: £19,000 - £21,000

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 08:45

Finish: 17:45

Corporate Responsibility:
Work Life Balance:
Environmental Awareness:
Compensation & Benefits:
Company Culture:
Career Progression:
Overall Rating:

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