Our friends at Future First have today released a fantastic report based on new research that they have conducted on the state of careers advice in schools. Their work demonstrates the importance and genuine difference that we can all make by sharing our own employment experiences.

Covering a theme that we talked about in a previous blog post on the BBC’s ‘Who Gets The Best Jobs’ programme, their findings demonstrate the problems with the lack of careers advice that young people, particularly in state schools, receive.

*-Only 13% of adults surveyed felt their careers advice had helped them define or advance their careers-*


In particular, the report and the BBC programme put this largely down to the ‘Not for the likes of me’ syndrome whereby young people feel that they can’t enter careers that they know nothing about.

*-45% of young people receiving free school meals do not know anyone in a job that they would like to do-*


The report confirms our view that the best way for people to truly learn about, and relate to, different careers is to hear first hand examples from people actually doing the job. People like you.

*- 91% of 16 to 19 year olds who went to state school say advice from people with jobs would be a better method of obtaining careers advice than the current system -*


On the positive side however, their research suggests that there is a huge untapped resource of adults willing to share their employment experiences with future generations. As you can see from all of the reviews posted to date on theJobCrowd, we have found the same.

*- 29% of adult respondents would like to go back into their former school to speak about their career to young people. This suggests over 10 million British adults in the population as a whole are willing to share their career experience with future generations -*


All in all, we think that the Future First report does a tremendous job in illustrating the difference that can be made by people in jobs sharing the experiences first hand. We’d like to congratulate Jess and her team on their great work.

You can read the full report here: http://www.futurefirst.org.uk/downloads/Future_First_Social_Mobility_Careers_Report.pdf 

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