‘London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) is a diversified international exchange Group that sits at the heart of the world’s financial community. The Group can trace its history back to 1801. Through its markets, the Group offers international business, and investors, unrivalled access to Europe’s capital markets.’ London Stock Exchange website, 2015

The London Stock Exchange Group (or LESG) offers two graduate programs, one with a focus on technology and the other in business, recruiting on an annual basis for a September start. Graduates have given an overall rating of 4.1/5 to LSEG, leading to a ranking of 66 in the Top 100 Smaller Companies To Work For in 2015/2016 with particularly high scores for colleagues (4.4), compensation and benefits (4.2) and work-life balance (4.2).

The average graduate salary ranges between £35,000 – £37,000, with one graduate explaining that ‘The salary is very competitive provided the normal hours you work. After work I have enough time to cook, enjoy TV or go to the gym. Also the bonus is generous’. Average working hours were from 8am – 6pm although whilst one graduate explained that ‘the hours vary between departments and roles’, another added t’we do not stay in the office more hours just for the sake of it’.

The best and worst things about working for LSEG include;

‘Great exposure to the financial world, meet a lot of people from different companies which are part of the group. Great opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills.’
Technology Associate, at London Stock Exchange Group
‘Great brand, lots of graduate training and amazing exposure to very senior figures (both internally and externally). Good opportunities to learn a diverse amount from rotating between very different business areas (including the opportunity to spend 6 months abroad with all accommodation and travel paid for!!).’
Associate, at London Stock Exchange Group
‘Rotating to different areas in the business, and being able to choose which areas of the business I want to rotate to. Management of the program is not well executed, so you have to do some organization on your own.’
Associate at London Stock Exchange Group

Finally, interview tips include;

Application Advice: Make sure your application is tailored and it is not generic. The group is growing so be prepared to rotate in any company in the group
Interview Advice: Be confident Read about the group and get to know the different areas from the website Read financial news (e.g. FT)
Project Management at London Stock Exchange Group
Application Advice: Know the role of the exchange in the new capital markets paradigm and how LSEG’s strategy pieces together to make it a competitive player. Understand basic financial terminology, and be well-read on subjects relating to market infrastructure and risk management.
Interview Advice: Be prepared, but don’t be someone you are not.
Graduate, at London Stock Exchange Group
Application Advice: List all the different major technologies you’ve worked with, a wide knowledge base seems to be an important attribute.
Interview Advice: Group based tasks are not a ‘win/lose’ sort of scenario. The objective isn’t to crush the other candidates ideas and force your solution upon them, it’s about discussion and reaching a good conclusion. I saw this play out in my interview, it was awful and that individual was not hired.
at London Stock Exchange Group

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