Teach First provides graduates with the training & development needed to help them make a difference to pupils from low socio-economic backgrounds. Throughout the two year program, graduates will gain the PGCE, undergo leadership workshops and mentoring, complete a summer project and have the opportunity to take a masters qualification (at reduced cost). Recruitment is on a rolling basis. Scoring an overall 4.1/5, Teach First is rated especially well for career progression (4.5), enjoyment (4.4) and responsibility (4.4).

The average graduate salary is £21,000 – £23,000, depending largely on the region you are based. As one graduate put it, ‘A huge bonus working for Teach First is that you get paid in your training year- unlike usual PGCE courses where you have to pay!’ whilst others explained that there are pay rises as you progress into the second year of the scheme. Average working hours are 8am – 7pm, with one graduate explaining that ‘It would be a lie to say teaching is a 9-5 job. However, the beauty of teaching is that you are in charge of your time. Yes, in order to be an effective teacher you do often need to work late at home, but if you have something planned or just need a break then thankfully you can do so.’

The best and worst things about working with Teach First include:

‘Teach First is a brilliant organisation – it supports you in achieving your career goals and in addressing education disadvantage. It is literally a double whammy! It’s getting bigger and so perhaps slightly less personal.’
Head of Lower School, at Teach First
‘Supportive staff in school, from Teach First and from training provider. Opportunities to develop. Location of school/ commute to school.’
Subject Leader of Maths, at Teach First
‘The best thing about Teach First is working for an organisation that is making in a real difference in so many children’s lives. Great training provision, so many opportunities available that you would not get from any other scheme. The marking workload!’
Teacher, English at Teach First
Application advice: If you know you want to get into teaching / education, this is a fantastic choice. Be prepared for it to dominate your life for 2 years. Think about and read about interesting and creative ways to present elements of your subject, this will particularly be useful at interview. Go and see some teaching, and talk to teachers about what lessons look like.
Teach First Ambassador, at Teach First
Application advice: Know the competencies and remember – being a teacher in a demanding school is hard. There will be incredibly dark days, but they are worth it.
Head of Lower School, at Teach First
Application advice: Speak to participants, ambassadors and Teach First Recruiters about the programme in as much detail as possible to fully understand the benefits and potential challenges.
Teacher, at Teach First
Click here to view the full range of job reviews for positions with Teach First and remember, recruitment is on a rolling basis so click here to find out more and apply now


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