Telegraph Media Group, rated an overall 3.7/5 by its graduates, is a ‘multi-platform digital operation that sets to deliver the highest quality journalism, setting the global news agenda’. With an average intake of around 8 graduates per year to their popular rotational graduate program, Telegraph Media Group is also rated 4.4 for it’s office location in London and 4.4 for colleagues and was featured in the Top 100 Smaller Companies To Work For in 2015/2016. Let’s take a look at feedback from graduates working for the Telegraph Media Group…

1. Best and worst things about working for Telegraph Media Group

‘The team, and the people you work with are tremendously welcoming and great to be around, it makes working not feel like work. There is a lot of work to do, which will mean having to squeeze in gym sessions at lunch as you will be glued to your chair some days.’
Advertising Operations Executive, at Telegraph Media Group
‘160 years old and still embracing change. As the first newspaper in Europe to launch a website (1994) it is clear the Telegraph is unafraid of change. With a clear focus on carving out a strong digital identity: talent – finding, nurturing and investing in is key to the companies commercial success. Not only is this an exciting time be to part of the transition but finding our next generation talent is a role that is both challenging and satisfying. Finding talent is only half the journey. In less than 2 years since the TMG Academy’s inception, the team has put together a stronger stable of learning and development programmes. From learning to code in a day, understanding how to write for web, to our more bespoke Managers Programme there’s a broad offering that supports all areas of the business. The trajectory of progress within this area is one we must keep building upon.’
Graduate Talent Programmes Coordinator, TMG Academy at Telegraph Media Group
‘I get to work with extremely talented people and it feels like everything you do is important. When planning an event you realise how massive the company is and the pulling power of it. I learn a lot everyday and it helps me to become more independent. You are dropped straight into the deep end, it is fast paced and there is no time to ease yourself in, which is good and bad. Sometimes communication is not great because of the size of the company, and sometimes things are not clear you just have to work it out.’
Intern, Business Events at Telegraph Media Group
£21,000 – £23,000
‘No one goes into journalism to get rich. This point is made explicit at interview.’ Graduate Trainee, Editorial
9am – 5pm
‘When you start getting busy you will probably either start earlier or finish a bit later or maybe even both, you have to be prepared to work hard.’ Intern, Business Events at Telegraph Media Group
Application Advice: Don’t panic about the video element to the application process.
Interview Advice: Just be yourself on the assessment day
Editorial Graduate , Editorial at Telegraph Media Group
Application Advice: Don’t be worried about a perceived lack of experience, or daunted by the girl at your assessment day braying about having done 10 internships before. You’re all equal at that stage, so work hard in preparation – harder than everyone else, you’ll know when you’re doing that – and you’ll be fine.
Interview Advice: Know the publication inside out, be it the magazine, section or paper as a whole. Have a list of sections and writers and previous articles ready to mention even if you’ve never read it. Then just be nice, and be a bit aware of the general media/news landscape, too.
Features Intern, Magazine Features Writer at Telegraph Media Group
Application Advice: Be honest and show that you can be great to be around inside and outside of work – It isn’t all about your credentials but more about you, and your willingness to learn
Interview Advice: If someone in the workplace was pushing you to focus on one thing when you know your priority should be another, how would you deal with this situation?
Advertising Operations Executive, at Telegraph Media Group
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