Choices – there is a huge array of career paths in our world, from the unique to the everyday. What you need to decide is what suits you best, but how do you do this?

Start by thinking what you are passionate about – health, helping others, the World Wide Web, research, learning or even teaching.

Secondly, what is your skill set? Are you a confident writer, speaker, maths enthusiast? Do you revel in making a list or managing others? Maybe you enjoy sitting at a computer desk creating new web designs or perhaps you are better suited to a physical trade. All careers need certain people, holding certain skills – once you know what yours are you can decide to work on others that may be lacking.

Your next aim is to analyse yourself – what kind of person are you? Use a personality test if you are unsure; determine which box you fit into, or perhaps you don’t want to fit into a box at all. Another useful tool is a learning test. See our other blog for more info.

Now you know what you like, what you are good at and who you are…

Education – what are you qualified for? Is there a learning experience you need to challenge first before going for your dream career? Many employers offer training and education alongside a job so maybe it’s a case of working your way up. This leads to your next question…

Money – how important is this? Likely answer: more than you will know and admit. We know money doesn’t grow on trees and we also know money doesn’t make us happy. However, we most definitely need it. Think about how much you would like to make now, in a year and in the future. Alongside this thought, how much do you actually need to make? This will determine and potentially limit your choices.

Now you should have more of an idea of the job sector you are aiming for so it’s time for:

Research – use tools like TheJobCrowd’s Top Companies to find out what it’s like working in various industries and for various companies. There is nothing quite like hearing it ‘from the horse’s mouth’.

Networking – start small and use your current circles to find people in similar jobs or with skill sets you can use to help get you on your path. Get researching and building your knowledge to sound like a pro even if you don’t feel like one. Use social media – yes, it does have uses other than scrolling through old photos for laughs. You’ll need a professional LinkedIn profile. Get connected and reach out. See our blog on LinkedIn for guidance.

You’ve found a job – it’s time to start applying.

Update your CV – sell yourself, show your passion, skills, personality and qualifications. See our CV blog for guidance.

Your career path is your choice. Plan well and succeed. The world is full of jobs – don’t limit yourself. Do your research to find what suits you and your life.

Good luck!

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