The role of a scientific technologist can be really varied, with tasks including laboratory-based experiments, desk based research or data analysis for institutions or the private sector. The scientific technologist will assist on projects requiring attention to detail and theoretical knowledge in their field of specialism – which can vary from food technologies to medical science. Let’s take a look at insights directly from graduates working in the field…

1. Day-to-day tasks

‘Very varied. Can be in labs, can be doing desk based research, can be visiting clients or working on their site. Interact with job managers, clients and pretty much anyone else who is around; the culture is such that if you want to grab someone for a coffee you usually can!’
Analyst, at PA Consulting Group
‘Software development – java, php, bash, python… Gathering requirements. Writing specifications. Meeting with people from different facilities. Lots of work on Linux machines.’
Graduate, Scientific Computing at Science and Technology Facilities Council
‘My work involves using various different computer modelling tools in order to derive results, and attending trials from time to time. I then spend time analysing data and presenting them in a presentation or report form. I spend time liaising with customers and colleagues in order to discuss this work and establish further work.’
Team Member, Weapon Systems at DSTL

2. Best and worst things about your job

‘Big learning curve, working with highly proficient and experienced people. A lot of abbreviations and company specific jargon is used, which makes it difficult at the start.’
Biopharmaceutical Engineering Associate, New Product Introduction at GlaxoSmithKline
‘Being able to visit world leading scientific research facilities. Freedom to be creative. Travelling and interacting with people across Europe. Pay.’
Graduate, Scientific Computing at Science and Technology Facilities Council
‘Being able to continue to use technical knowledge gained in my degree is good. Due to the flexibility in the work you do, I get the opportunity to find out about other sectors within the industry in order to gain a broad knowledge.’
Team Member, Weapon Systems at DSTL

3. Average working hours

8am – 6pm

4. Average graduate salary

£23,000 – £25,000

5. Interview tips

Interview Advice: Include valid environmental, scientific and field based experience when applying as a large proportion of working time is spent working in the field on a client’s site.
Graduate Environmental Consultant, ESRM at EC Harris LLP
Application Advice: Have a lot of examples of data handling, using I.T and extra-curricular activities. CV showcases academics. Be patient
Interview Advice: Do your research on Siemens and the healthcare sector, for this role, I looked into in-vitro diagnostics.
Technical operations Scientist, Healthcare at Siemens
Application Advice: Be yourself- the interviews are to find out whether you are right for the company AND whether the company is right for you. Mention any work experience you have and what you have learnt.
Interview Advice: Some questions caught me off guard about how you have implemented safety measures, etc.
Spent Fuel Management Technical Support, Technical Support at Sellafield Ltd

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