An IT consultant will advise on, design or install information technology systems for clients. An IT consultant may be contracted out to work for large or small companies and can also choose to be self employed or work for a larger organisation. Graduates typically enter the IT consulting field with a computer science background, although there are IT courses designed for graduates from a non-computing background. Daily tasks may include training, project management and the design and installation of software. Let’s take a look at insights directly from graduates working in IT consulting…

1. Day-to-day tasks

“I am involved in analysis and modeling of client facing projects relating to capacity management and performance testing. This involved testing and scripting, developing models and attending meetings in house or at client site. “
Junior Consultant, at Capacitas
“Operating as a Bid Manager, I interact with all members of the team on a daily basis to align priorities and drive the team to deliver.”
Solutions Consultant / Bid Manager, at Atos
“I work with the team to configure solutions from client requirements. Lots of meetings. Organise other teams working in different areas of the department”
Associate Consultant, Services at Microsoft

2. The best and worst things about your job

“Varied role, build your own career, partnership means you can work to the top and don’t see all the profits go to mysterious shareholders – some come back to you in the form of dinners in nice restaurants and a decent expenses policy. Expectation of long hours on some clients, and by some colleagues; low performance related incentives”
Analyst, Technology at Deloitte
“Very interesting work. Lots of opportunities to be given responsibility, even as an inexperienced graduate. Steep learning curves. You can sometimes get stuck in a tedious job and become unable to leave (especially if you become good at the tedious job).”
Graduate Consultant, at BAE Systems Detica
“Nice people, lots of networking, work in different clients/environments, nice experiences, use very advanced tools, both internally and externally. Life/work balance, confusing in the beginning, very stressed, long hours.”
SAP Consultant, at Capgemini

3. Average working hours

9am – 6pm

4. Average starting salary

£29,000 – £31,000

5. Interview tips

Application Advice: Ensure you spend time practicing with the free online psychometric tests.
Interview Advice: People skills are just as important as technical ability. Ensure you use examples of previous work situations that either cover the different competencies, or have an example for each. Don’t be afraid to take notes into the interview, was extremely helpful for me.
SharePoint Consultant, Microsoft Practice at Atos
Application Advice: Highlight technical and communication skills, pro-activity.
Interview Advice: Be kind and polite, ensure you are involving others and moderating egos in group activities. Know what IBM does, or at least what the part you’re applying to does.
Business Analyst/Developer, FSS at IBM
Application Advice: Make sure your CV is on point. eg. all relative experience
Interview Advice: Research the position and company. Be prepared to talk about why you want to work for the company
Business Development Consultant, at Oracle

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