GlaxoSmithKline Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at GlaxoSmithKline

"Ensure you focus on both your technical abilities and your soft skills approaches"
at GlaxoSmithKline
"Make sure you've read and understood the company values. Make sure you have some examples of where you have demonstrated these values. "
Commercial Management Trainee, Various (rotational scheme) at GlaxoSmithKline
"To show enthusiasm for what you have done so far and why it would help in this role. From volunteering to interesting hobbies - everything holds value if it is presented in a way where you can shed light on what benefit you gained from it and how it developed you as an Individual. "
Regulatory Affairs Associate, Global Regulatory Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline
"Standard interview questions and activities looking at aptitude, personality and style"
General Management Graduate, at GlaxoSmithKline
"Interview questions will be competency based, so make sure you're familiar with structuring your answers using the STAR technique. And remember to be yourself! Don't try and be super-corporate - GSK want to know who you are so let your personality come through. "
HR Associate, Employee and Industrial Relations at GlaxoSmithKline
"be calm, confident and yourself"
Regulatory Affairs, at GlaxoSmithKline
"Ask about the values. "
Communications and Government Affaird Associate, Communications and Government Affairs at GlaxoSmithKline
"Don't treat the assesment center as a competition - work with the other interviewees. "
SAP Consultant, Global SAP Services at GlaxoSmithKline
"Be yourself! The interview process is set up to not only find out who is the best person for the job but also the best person for GSK. "
Sales and Marketing Future Leader, Consumer Healthcare Great Britain and Ireland at GlaxoSmithKline
"The interview is competency based so make sure that you are prepared for that. It sounds cliched but it is really important to be yourself, as they are looking for someone that will fit within their company as much as they are looking for someone with talent!"
Communications Associate, at GlaxoSmithKline