GlaxoSmithKline Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at GlaxoSmithKline

Application Advice: It's important to have people skills and be able to adapt and think on the spot in a challenging and fast pace environment. If you are up for a challenge then this role is perfect for you. Everyday is different.
Interview Advice: Research, Research and more research. It's so important to know the company's score values and what we do and how we make a difference on global scale. Learn the mission state. Memorise it if possible. We are all about our mission statement. This is what the company always focuses on. Be confident, but not too confident but also be yourself. This must be a lot to ask but it's so important to be yourself.
QM Functional Consultant, SAP at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: You won't regret working for GSK. Many people have started and are still here after years.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, show you can work as a team because most of the work we do requires collaboration and good communication.
O2C Consultant, SAP at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Take the Video interview seriously - lock your room, suit/dress up and treat it as a real interview.
Interview Advice: Mix of technical and behavioural questions - focus on what they have taught you that would benefit GSK.
Chemical Engineering Associate, Technical GMS at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Think about what motivates you. Be honest. Do not try to tailor your application to what you think we want to hear. We are a values driven organisation and our recruitment process identifies those candidates that naturally align with our values.
Interview Advice: Use the STAR format. Have multiple examples of situtations that you can reference across university, work experience, personal life etc. Be honest and authentic.
Functional Consultant, Enterprise Resource Planning at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Ensure that you have a very good understanding of GSK’s values: Transparency, Respect for People, Integrity and Patient Focus. Ensure that you highlight how you, as an individual, align with these. Also, bring to light how your person experiences have taught you these values.
Interview Advice: BE YOURSELF! Interviews and assessment centres are not like “The Hunger Games” – you are not fighting against the other applicants. Relax and be yourself, ensuring that you portray the real you and bring to life your values, your brand and your goals and aspirations in life. Always remain humble and grateful for the opportunity that you are given and the time that is being grated to you by your interviewers. In the Online interviews – make sure that you look at the camera and do not read what you have on a piece of paper (tip: watch the news and look at how they presenters talk to the camera, this will give you an idea of how you should talk to the camera)
IT SAP Associate , Global ERP at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: This is a 'Future Leaders' Graduate Programme and this isn't just a title to make the graduate scheme seem more appealing, it is reflected in the fact you are given great exposure to senior colleagues and responsiblity on major projects from very early on, so make sure this is a challenge you are looking for. If GSK is a company you specifically want to work for, be sure to mention this and explain why as that interest and passion for the company and its Values will help you stand out. Similarly, make sure you do your research on GSK to gain an understanding of the Company and what about GSK appeals to you as this will demonstrate your interest in working for GSK.
Interview Advice: Be yourself, that way you will see if you are the right person for GSK and also if GSK is the right company for you - it is a two way process. Again, do your research on GSK and what about the company really appeals to you personally and why. Ensure you have examples of where you have demonstrated key competencies looked for at GSK to demonstrate that you have these attributes, otherwise you are missing a great opportunity to demonstrate your ability.
HR Associate, UK Pharma HRM Team at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Talk about previous experiences using the STAR model and why specifically you want to work in HR.
Interview Advice: Look at the GSK expectations and weave how you demonstrate these into your interview answers.
at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Be yourself - very important to not put on an act as they can see straight through you. It's impossible to know exactly what they are looking for. If you be yourself and you get through then its almost certain you will be a right fit for the company/team. if not, it's likely that the role wouldn't have suited you. Don't be too overpowering in group situations, don't take leadership and prevent the others joining in, they want to see that you can be a team player.
Interview Advice: Competency based interview questions, i.e. tell me about a time when you have shown leadership in a group?
Procurement at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Be yourself- there is little point pretending to be something you are not You will know if you are suited to a company by the look and feel of the application and through talking to the people, even if they are interviewing you it is usually quite easy to tell if you would fit in. Listen to your instincts. Ask smart questions. If you cant think of any there are loads of articles on LinkedIn and other websites giving examples of smart interview questions. Just make sure its applicable to the role/company/conversation. Don't just ask something random. Choose a more generic question if that makes it easier.
Interview Advice: See application advice. In assessment centres try to demonstrate you can listen as well as talk and generate ideas if you are more of a talker but vice versa if you are more of a listener. Try not to be competitive in the assessment centres. Depending on the firm they will sometimes take the number of individuals who meet their threshold and not just 'the top 2'. Big companies don't like to let key talent go. Try to use your fellow candidates to your advantage and to demonstrate your strengths.
Commodity Buyer - Utilities, Utilities Procurement Team at GlaxoSmithKline
Application Advice: Be very self aware of strengths and development areas with a strong emphasis on your willingness to learn
Interview Advice: Competency based questions are linked to the GSK Expectations. Show your performance against those expectations.
Sales and Marketing Graduate, at GlaxoSmithKline