KPMG Graduate Salary

This page tells you what salary graduates in KPMG receive (based on 103 reviews)
£19,000 - £21,000
"Increases by approx £2k-£3k every year."
Audit Assistant, Audit at KPMG
£27,000 - £29,000
"The salary does not increase significantly"
Risk Consultant, FS Technology Risk at KPMG
£25,000 - £27,000
"Salary increases in second and third year with weightings for performance. Following completion of accountancy qualification there is a more substantial pay increase."
Audit Assistant, Consumer Goods and Retail at KPMG
£27,000 - £29,000
"It typically increases to £42,000 - £45,000 (pre bonus) after 3 years upon qualification as a chartered accountant but the bulk of the increase comes on the 3rd year."
Risk Consultant, FS Tech Risk at KPMG
£25,000 - £27,000
"Increases every year as you become more qualified (part of training - ACA)"
Audit Assistant , at KPMG
£19,000 - £21,000
"It increases based on your grading but the increase is small."
Industrial Markets at KPMG
£39,000 - £41,000
"You start off in the mid £20k's (with additional benefits such as free lunches, laptop, pensions, gym deals etc); each year this increases until you qualify as a Chartered Accountant where you have a sizeable jump in basic salary."
Auditor, Birmingham at KPMG
£59,000 - £61,000
"Roles start at £28k and go all the way to £500k depending on what you do and how good you are."
Business Intelligence Advisor, Business Intelligence at KPMG
£41,000 - £43,000
"The salary has been falling every 6 months for the last few years for newly qualified accountants."
Assistant Manager, Indirect tax at KPMG
£21,000 - £23,000
"Salary is low till you are qualified chartered accountant 3 years down the line and then it rises by about 30% to 40%."
Audit Associate, at KPMG