Best and Worst Things About Network Rail

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at Network Rail - all the information is taken directly from Network Rail graduate employee reviews

The opportunity to shape a major infrastructure project and be involved in its development from the outset.At times it is demanding and a lot of the information is confidential so it can't be shared with friends or family.
Scheme Project Manager, Project Development at Network Rail
Variety, exposure to different areas of the business, and responsibility.
Commercial Scheme Sponsor, Route Enhancements at Network Rail
Flexible and open: The candidate is given the opportunity to go around the company for the first 6 months and explore different departments, how they work etc. - you will learn a lot about the industry and why they are desperate for new engineers! Each engineer will get a choice in which discipline they want to specialise in, after getting experience of each one (for electronic/electrical engineers, this will either be signalling/telecoms, or electrification and plant). Be careful about organising particular placements as some people are too busy and do not have the time or much work to give you (get advice from other/previous graduates, use the sharepoint for ideas).
Graduate Engineer (Signalling), Rotation placements at Network Rail
The variety offered with the graduate scheme and the opportunity to experience different job roles before fully starting your career.Being outside in all weather conditions.
Graduate Engineer, at Network Rail
Plenty of stakeholder engagement. Working on a project as high profile as HS2. The governance that needs to be followed.
Scheme Sponsor, HS2 at Network Rail
Work life balance. Colleagues are friendly. Utilisation of the title 'graduate'. Training opportunities. Salary. Helpful colleagues.Location.
Graduate National Supply Chain, Route Services - Contracts and Procurement at Network Rail
The best thing about the scheme was the flexibility and the best thing about being a shift station manager is the fast paced environment and people management.Graduate scheme - worst is that there are so many options, it can take a while to figure out what you like. Worst of being a shift station manager is the shifts.
Shift Station Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
Challenging. Variable. Always learning.Everyone is as busy as each other so it is difficult to plan anything at short notice. A reactive industry so often things can crop up at last minute which completely changes your plans for the day.
Route Support Manager, Network Operations at Network Rail
-Trains. -Variety. -Getting out and doing all sorts of train based stuff. -Trains. The commute has been pretty shocking... trains!
Project Management Graduate, Track Renewals at Network Rail
The variety of stakeholders I work with and the different levels of management.
Project Sponsor, Network Operations at Network Rail