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The following is a Apprentice Review for Irwin Mitchell LLP.

Irwin Mitchell LLP scores 3.5/5 based on 176 reviews.

All reviews are based exclusively on results of feedback from employees from Irwin Mitchell LLP. Employees are asked to rate Irwin Mitchell LLP on a wide range of work place topics, which is broken down through star ratings on the right hand side.

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What are the Best and Worst things about your job?


For me, the best thing about my job is seeing a case come together following all of the work you have done. As a paralegal apprentice I only support other fee earners doing work for them if and when they need me to so I never usually see a case from start to end like the case handlers do. However I do get involved on some cases regularly and although I wasn't necessarily working here when they were started, seeing them settle after so much hard work is very rewarding; especially as the cases we deal with are very high value and can go on for years.


The worst thing about my job is doing repetitive tasks that are not very interesting and don't necessarily help me improve my knowledge on the law. I understand that these tasks need to be done and I am always happy to help however they can be a bit boring; for example redacting medical records or preparing court bundles. These sorts of tasks you pick up quite quickly and so you know how to do them but they don't necessarily help in terms of my studying or improving my knowledge.

What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: £15,000 - £17,000

Current salary: £15,000 - £17,000

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

When applying for this job I think it's very important to show the kind of person you are. Although you need certain qualifications to get the job, who you are as a person is just as important especially as you will be working within a team and be communicating with clients regularly at some point in your career so you need to get on with others well. Everyone in the firm has some form of qualification allowing them to do the job but how they interact with our clients is vital; therefore, you need to prove that you will be good at this.

Do you have any interview tips?

When I was interviewed I was asked to prepare a short presentation for it which was then followed by some questions. I think it is a good idea to always go into the interview with some questions of your own to show you are interested in the job, willing to learn more about it and wanting to know how you can progress. I think this shows you are a conscientious person who will fit in well. The questions I was asked were not just about the job, they want to get to know you as a person and see whether you are suitable for the job and the company. For example questions about where you have been proud, successful; where you have worked well as part of a team, things like that.

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