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What is the annual salary for this role?

Starting salary: £29,000 - £31,000

Current salary: £29,000 - £31,000

What hours do you actually work, on average?

Start: 7:30

Finish: 17:00

What advice would you give to someone applying to this role?

Be yourself. There are such a variety of individuals here with a wide range of irrelevant to relevant degrees. The most important thing is your personality here, and your willingness to learn. If you are willing to accept that it is a learning process then you'll be fine!

Do you have any interview tips?

Sit down before hand and think about what your strengths and weaknesses are, both as a person and in the work environment. Be ready to explain them, and have counters to your weaknesses. For example: I am not particularly strong at excel however I have been working on it, and hear you have excellent training courses, so I am sure that I will be a whizz in no time.
It is meant to be challenging! The more confident you put yourself across the more they will challenge you! So if it gets hard and no-one else is struggling then don't panic! Keep it together and keep going!

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