5 Tips for Tackling technical testing

Many companies include psychometric tests as part of their assessment process. These can either be undertaken during a wider assessment centre day or something earlier on in the application process, which you complete remotely. Testing can include information gathering, technical examinations, and even psychometric testing, it really depends on the industry.

TheJobCrowd, have compiled 5 simple tricks for graduates to help them ace any technical tests they might face.

1. Revise 

This isn’t the same as revising for a university or school exam. Use the time you have before the test to research which technical test you might expect for the specific industry or employer. You can search the employer and industry on TheJobCrowd here to see what other graduates have experienced. Once you’ve gauged an idea of what to expect, see if you can find any examples online and test yourself. Being prepared will ensure you aren’t spooked when faced with tricky questions.

2. Watch the clock

Most online testing will have a clock feature and a progress bar so you can keep track of your progress. It’s there for a reason so make sure you keep an eye on it. If you’re spending a long time on one task because you’re finding it hard, chances are there could be a task you could really shine in so move on to another question. If you have time at the end you can always go back.

3. Be honest

This is particularly key when completing psychometric testing. Lying, because you think it’s the right answer, could mean you are placed on a rotation that doesn’t suit you.

4. Answer the question in full

Make sure you show all of your working so that even if your answer is incorrectyou may get some credit for how you approached the question. We recommend you clearly show and explain how you have reached a certain conclusion.

5. Don’t compare answers

This is especially key if you are at an assessment centre. If another candidate confidently tells you that one of your answers is wrong this could really put you off your A Game for the rest of the day. They could be wrong themselves and it’s best not to get involved. Remain confident and positive. Unless asked about your answers by someone who is assessing you, steer clear of discussing your test experience.


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