When surveyed, 19% of graduates stated that international opportunities was what drew them most to their graduate employer. Some employers advertise graduate opportunities in worldwide locations to UK graduates, this can prove a great opportunity to live and work abroad. 

Often, a lot of administration will be organised by your employer who will help with your relocation. Here are some pointers on questions to ask and things to consider when applying to international roles. 


Most companies will administer visas for you but be mindful when applying for the role of what the visa restrictions might be. Age, country of birth, and even your parents marriage status, can affect visa applications. If you are applying for a role that does not provide visa support bear in mind both the time and cost of the visa when applying. A lot of graduate schemes provide you with the opportunity to spend a rotation abroad, which may have less complicated visa processes. See below for how our graduates rated international opportunities by sector: 


Some international roles require knowledge of a new language. If you are keen to explore working in a non English speaking country it is worth investing the time in language learning as early as possible. Taking the initiative to start language learning early could prove beneficial on your job application. 


Find out how you will be getting paid. If you are getting paid in GBP you need to know how easy it is for you to access this money internationally. If you are getting paid into an international account, ask whether your employer will wear the cost of money transfers on your behalf- often the answer is yes. 


Depending on where you are moving the lifestyle, food, and culture can be very different. Spend time researching what you can expect. Even when moving to a country that seems very similar, such as Australia, there can be some surprising differences. In Sydney for example, it is illegal to park your car and leave the windows open!

Making Friends

Moving to a new country can be very daunting. You are away from your family and friends and may be in a very different timezone. With international graduate opportunities there are often networking opportunities with your employer but don’t be afraid to find some friends. Attending networking events, an art class, or joining a gym can be a great way of meeting friends in a new country.


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