At Allianz Insurance, we provide peace of mind and protection in unforeseen circumstances, for individual private customers as well as large business clients. 

We’re one of the world’s largest insurance and financial services providers serving more than 83 million customers in over 70 countries. We currently have 148,000 employees globally with 5,600 employees in our UK insurance business at over 20 office locations.

We’re big enough to give you plenty of opportunities, experience and responsibly, but not too big to know your name and genuinely care about your career.

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as one of the best graduate employers to work for in the Accountancy and Insurance industry, Allianz Insurance are a huge, international company. With an overall rating of 4.1/5, Allianz score particularly high for training (4.5/5), colleagues (4.3/5) and work life balance (4.3/5). 

1. The Best and Worst things about working for Allianz Insurance

Best: The best thing about my company is the importance they place on technical excellence. They offer significant support in training. Graduates to achieve professional qualifications, in my case the ACII, and they help put you on the right path to success. Equally, responsibility is offered immediately and as you prove yourself you will be given more opportunities to excel.By the very nature of a rotational scheme you can miss out on the graduate community at other companies.
Worst: If you aren’t at head office you might be the only graduate in your location, unlike in other companies where there might be a core group of graduates in every location. However, everyone rotates through the head office at some point and often the placements in other locations are the most beneficial as you get to know colleagues in the wider company.
Allianz Management Trainee, Operations Retail at Allianz Insurance

Best: The best thing about my role is that I rotate around 4 different areas of the business. This really gives you a holistic understanding of how the business works and the types of jobs that are available to you. I wasn’t sure what type of job I wanted before coming on the scheme, but having the chance to try a variety of roles allows you to find out what you love doing and what you’re best at. It’s also a great chance to expand your network, as you’ll find that it’s always valuable to know as many people as possible. 
Worst:  The downside of the rotation scheme is inevitably that it involves moving between offices. Personally I didn’t see this as a negative, as it has given me the chance to live in two amazing cities where I wouldn’t have moved to otherwise. But for those who want to be based in London and London alone, this isn’t necessarily the scheme for you.
Corporate Management Trainee, Rotations at Allianz Insurance

Best: Working with very intelligent people in a mentally stimulating environment is a bonus. There is very much a culture of respect and very senior managers are on-board with fresh graduates from the very start – you don’t have to work for years to earn your stripes. There is a lot of investment in your professional development as well. 
Worst: Moving between different offices for 6 months can be a bit disruptive.
Allianz Management Trainee, at Allianz Insurance

2. Average Working Hours
8.00am – 5.00pm
3. Average Graduate Salary
£25,000 – £27,000
4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Do some research into the current insurance market so you can provide examples in your answers, also look further afield to Europe…
Interview Advice: To do some research into the different roles within an insurance company, not just about the brand. Show that you know/ or are interested in Claims/ Underwriting/ Sales with some examples. Also try to demonstrate what makes you human – what motivates you/ what else you could bring to the company?
Management Trainee, Graduate Trainee at Allianz Insurance

Application Advice: Apply early but take your time. The application process will close once the organisation has all the people they want so don’t miss out. There is no need to rush to submit an application you’re not happy with, make sure it’s your best work before sending because it is your first impression.
Interview Advice: Relax. You’ll perform your best if you are relaxed and confident. The best way to be relaxed is if you prepare. Have a plan and do your research on the company, its values etc. If you leave the day happy with your performance then you’ve done your part.
Allianz Management Trainee, Operations Retail at Allianz Insurance

Application Advice: Read over publications from the big consultancy firms on the future trends of insurance to give you an idea of what the industry is facing.
Interview Advice: Very basic advice, but use the competencies listed on the graduate website – prepare an answer for each. Try to consider just the here and now, but also have a future outlook and consider business impact.
Allianz Management Trainee, at Allianz Insurance

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