Addleshaw Goddard LLP is rated as the top law firm for graduates to work for in 2014/2015, with an overall score of 3.6/5. As a premium business law firm headquartered in London, Addleshaw Goddard (AG) has offices around the globe with locations including Singapore, Qatar, Hong Kong and Tokyo. AG practices in areas including disputes, projects and transactions and prides itself on being an excellent firm to work both with and for. When it comes to graduates, AG was scored particularly well on colleagues (4.2), company culture (4.0) and overall enjoyment (3.9). 

The average salary of graduates working with AG was between £25,000 and £27,000, with one graduate commenting that ‘The salary is on the low side when taking into account the hours which are required. Also the bonus structure is somewhat of a mystery.’ although a trainee solicitor described ‘Salary increases in the second year of your training contract’. Average working hours were 8am – 7pm, although one graduate explained that ‘The hours are completely unpredictable. The only thing you can really predict is that you won’t leave at 5pm.’

The best and worst things about working for AG include:

‘AG is a friendly place to work, partners are approachable and friendly. The quality of the work given to trainees is excellent.’ Trainee Solicitor, at Addleshaw Goddard LLP
‘High level of responsibility on the work allocated. Pay and conditions, including a lack of real social scene and work social groups that reach across departments.’ Trainee Solicitor, Corporate at Addleshaw Goddard LLP
‘Strong reputation nationwide and in North West. FTSE 100 and other high calibre clients meaning excellent work. Working alongside very experienced and talented people- often leaders in their chosen field. High quality of training. Long hours are a necessary part of the job. Lots of responsibility at times. High expectations of you as a trainee.’ Trainee Solicitor, Commercial Litigation at Addleshaw Goddard LLP

Finally, interview tips include:

Application Advice: Make sure you think carefully about why you want to work for AG rather than any other law firm and try to express this in your application. Proof-read your application – it’s a key skill of any trainee!
Interview Advice: Don’t expect to be asked questions about the law (I wasn’t asked any). You will be expected to have a view on goings-on in the world of business, so make sure that you can express a view on key news stories. Ensure that you are able to explain what clients want from a lawyer and what you think a lawyer’s role is.
Trainee Solicitor, at Addleshaw Goddard LLP
Application Advice: Research the firm thoroughly and don’t just look at the firm’s website. Know why you want to work for the company. Be yourself.
Interview Advice: Relax as much as you can. Speak slowly and think about your answer before you even start speaking. Treat everyone you meet (partners, associates, front of house etc.) with the same level of respect.
Trainee Solicitor, Social Housing Finance at Addleshaw Goddard LLP
Application Advice: Ensure that you have no spelling/ grammar mistakes in your application. Also, sell yourself on what makes you different to everyone else. All people applying for a training contract at our firm are excellent academics so show AG how you make yourself stand out amongst these people.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and be polite to everyone – you never know who is watching. At AG the people are friendly and can have fun, make sure you don’t enter as a law school clone.
Trainee Solicitor, Corporate at Addleshaw Goddard LLP
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