Each day, practically everyone in the UK benefits from an Amey service.

We design, manage and maintain the infrastructure that matters to our customers. Almost every one of the UK’s 64 million people benefits from a service we support every day. We’re supplying utilities to people’s homes, and meeting their road, railway, airport, healthcare, social housing and school needs. We’re keeping their environment clean and working on sustainable waste management. We’re supporting the country’s defence and justice services. With all these key UK services, we’re helping.

We’re also helping people around the globe: we have expanded into Europe, the US, the Middle East and Australia. What’s more, we’re working with our parent company, Ferrovial, an established international infrastructure and services group with a long, successful track record in large-scale operations and a presence in over 25 countries worldwide. 

Voted by the graduates we surveyed as one of the best graduate employers to work for in the Construction and Civil Engineering industry (larger intake), Amey provide a wide range of roles for graduates and recruit graduates from varied disciplines. With an overall rating of 3.8/5, Amey score particularly high for environmental awareness (4.2/5), colleagues (4.1/5) and work life balance (3.9/4). 


1. The Best and Worst things about working for Amey

Best: Responsibility early on in career and opportunity to progress.

Worst: None

Management Graduate, Derby at Amey


Best: You can learn a lot with the company, the company has many different divisions that you can grow in.

Worst: There are not many offices to rotate between. 

Highways Graduate, Highways at Amey


Best: Variety in the different sectors and roles. Highly respected graduate scheme opens a lot of opportunities.

Worst: Moving house every 6 months can be difficult.

Project Manager, Project Management at Amey


2. Average Working Hours

8.00am – 5.00pm


3. Average Graduate Salary

£23,000 – £25,000 


4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: Be interesting/different, and outgoing and show a desire to learn and succeed. Be confident and happy to get your opinion across.

Interview Advice: When you are in the interview try to bring something interesting or unique that not everybody does. Something that shows your drive but isn’t your run of the mill experience.

Procedure Manager, at Amey


Application Advice: Be open minded and enthusiastic. Research Amey.

Interview Advice: Understand what Amey is about and how you can fit. What areas are your weaknesses in?

Management Graduate, Bidding at Amey


Application Advice: Ensure your CV matches the role what you are applying for.

Interview Advice: Relax and enjoy – It’s an opportunity to show what you know.

Graduate Engineer, Highways at Amey


Interested in finding out more about graduate life at Amey? Click here for their full range of graduate reviews.





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