Bain & Company are rated number 4 in our top 100 companies to work for; a list based on thousands of reviews submitted straight from employees, updated every September.

Bain prides itself on being a great place to work, with many reviews bursting with praise for the quality of fellow colleagues and an emphasis on team spirit and support. Bain is also supportive of overseas travel for employees and despite hard work, staff seem happy with the rewarding and challenging environment offered.

The average salary was between £39,000 – £41,000. Average working hours were 9am – 9pm, as one employee elaborated;

‘Work hours have varied quite a bit in my year at Bain. On busy projects, I’ve worked till 1-2 AM every night for weeks at a time. However, there are also periods where I’m in between projects where I essentially get free days off. More typically, I’d say on an early night you’re off by 7, on a normal night you’re off around 9, and on a busy night you work till 11-12.’

Some of the best and worst things listed about working for Bain included:

“Smart, talented and inspiring people to work with makes way for. Dynamic and collaborative team structures. Interesting client problems across multiple industries. Opportunities for short-term office transfers and externships. Opportunities to be involved with office-wide activities e.g. Green teams, recruitment, link with charities. Hours can be tough (although its a part of the job!). Very much tries to be non-hierarchical, although hierarchy does exist.”

“Huge variety in projects across all industries and capabilities. Exposure to senior clients at prestigious companies and lots of responsibility from day 1. Fast career progression and professional development. Not a 9-5 job. Some projects require Mon-Thurs travel.”

“I have the opportunity to work with amazing people everyday across a broad and interesting range of projects and industries. The work is never the same day to day, and while challenging you can see yourself notably improve over the duration of a project. We also have a lot of fun, so despite the hard work, I look forward to coming into the office. Have to make an active effort to maintain a balance between work and your personal life, planning how to use your free time. You don’t work at weekends though which helps in this regard!”

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