Barratt Developments is one of the largest residential property building companies in the UK and is rated as the number one firm for graduates to work for in property for 2014/2015. Barratt builds homes nationwide under the Barratt Homes, Barratt London or David Wilson Homes brands whilst commercial properties are developed under the Wilson Bowden Developments Brand. Careers with Barratt include sales, construction site management, finance and quantity surveying to name a few. Barratt ‘s graduates gave them an overall rating of 4.5/5, with particularly high scores in training (4.7) and colleagues (4.7).

The average salary of graduates with Barratt is £23,000 – £25,000, with one graduate explaining that ‘we have received a bonus relating to the performance of the business. We have also received a salary increase based on cost of living increases’. Average working hours were 8am to 5pm, although it was mentioned that ‘you will be expected to work late occasionally when there are busy periods but most of the year you are able to work normal hours’.

The best and worst things about working for Barratt included:

‘Having direct face to face access with Directors at all levels of the business (both at Head Office level and up to Regional and Group level) is fantastic and it gives you a real sense of responsibility for the projects that you are asked to deliver. You don’t feel like an intern or just a new graduate, but an important part of Barratt’s future. As the Graduate Scheme is very well established and known throughout the business, you do get a good level of responsibility and respect for being on the scheme. The rotations can be a little unsettling as you move every 8 weeks.’ Sales Graduate, Sales at Barratt Developments
‘Responsibility – able to work on a range of projects dealing with different individuals and organisations. Varied with lots of different elements to role. Dependent on markets therefore potential of job insecurity.’ Land Buyer, Land at Barratt Developments
‘The graduate scheme is absolutely fantastic and would recommend it to any budding surveyor. As a graduate, I get to see all areas of the business, learn from senior people and have a good environment with a lot of perks. You’re not just another employee, you’re definitely seen as a valuable part of the team. Nothing really!’ Commercial Graduate, South Wales at Barratt Developments
Finally, interview tips include:
Application Advice: Research the role thoroughly and read all of the application literature carefully; they give this to you for a reason! Try to gain a broad knowledge of the trends and main issues in the house building industry at the moment.
Interview Advice: They are not looking for someone who has all of the technical knowledge or experience required to do their job role well, as this can be taught, they are more concerned with your behaviours and it you are the right fit for the role. Also be sure to try to find out if Barratt and this programme is the right fit for you as well.
Graduate Land Buyer, Land at Barratt Developments
Application Advice: Research the role, research the industry and when you are sure you understand why you want to work for Barratt Developments, then apply. Also, avoid using generic answers on your applications.
Interview Advice: The interview day is a tough day and you must be well prepared to show off your commercial awareness, big picture focus and ability to understand both your internal and external customer pressures. Thoroughly research how you fit in the role and what you have done previously in your work/university/social life that means you are correct for the role.
Graduate, Sales at Barratt Developments
Application Advice: Spend time researching!!! Read the reviews on the Job Crowd as the current grads will give you the best advice! Research into the company, our visions, our programme, our competitors and the industry as a whole. There is plenty of useful tips on the barratt future talents website for you to utilise. We look for people with customer focus, team working ethics and a bigger picture focus. Try to see how our visions apply to your self and relate them to your experiances. Talk about these examples. Try to visit some of our developments. Most importantly take your time to prepare
Technical Graduate, England at Barratt Developments

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