Best and Worst Things About Barratt Developments

This page tells you the Best things and the Worst things about working at Barratt Developments - all the information is taken directly from Barratt Developments graduate employee reviews

Best is being able to work with a diverse work force (liaising and meeting with many consultants - architects; engineers; planners; ecologists etc.) and with many departments (being in Technical means you have strong relationships with all the departments - Land, Commercial, Construction, Sales - and the flexibility of working in the office or out on site.It can be a little difficult, at first, rotating through each department as you sometimes find yourself settling and then moving onto the next venture. That being said, as well as mentioned in the 'best things about your job', you learn how to work in different environments.
Technical Graduate, Technical at Barratt Developments
The level of responsibility offered - the number of projects that I have been a part of and the access and exposure to people at all levels of the business through those projects. It gets seriously busy, it never stops and sometimes you can eat, sleep and breathe housebuilding. There is more to life than that.
Graduate , Technical at Barratt Developments
The team culture and the support available from colleagues, directors and the HR/Future Talent team. The responsibilities and opportunities I have been given to work on projects that affect the whole business. The exposure to senior leaders on a daily basis.As the company has 27 divisional offices, communication can sometimes be difficult as we have to rely on phone or email.
Assistant Urban Designer, Group Design & Technical at Barratt Developments
All of it.
Graduate , Land at Barratt Developments
Having to deal with challenges and making decisions / taking action to overcome them. Communicating with stakeholders and building an effective relationship with them. Bureaucracy and the reporting requirements of upper management.
Commercial Graduate, Commercial at Barratt Developments
The office/site environment and how the scheme has allowed me to network with many more people and increase both my confidence and communication. Going out to site in poor weather!
Technical Graduate, Technical at Barratt Developments
Good exposure to all aspects of the company, it really allows you to understand peoples roles and how you can later utilise them once you are in a full time permanent position. Great exposure to senior management from the divisional directors right up to the CEO, everyone is willing to help on both professional and personal levels to better develop you. Good training opportunities with regular graduate courses and meet ups to further your progression. Good variation in the day to day as there are lots of opportunities to go out on site or meet new people and clients.The work can sometimes be slow coming to you as you need to ask around, as with it being rotational you are essentially starting a new role every 2 months in a new department for the first year. Hard to get deeply involved in projects as again you rotate out before it can fully develop which can be frustrating.
Graduate, Land at Barratt Developments
The diverse nature of the work, no two days are the same and every day brings a new challenge.
Commercial Graduate, Commercial at Barratt Developments
The opportunity to gain a deep understanding of the property sector, including both micro and macro factors which influence the industry and our business in particular. The unknown.
Sales Executive , Sales at Barratt Developments
The opportunity to progress and the people I work with.The level of travel required in a divisional office.
Estimator, Commercial at Barratt Developments