‘When we opened the first Carluccio’s caffè our aim was to provide great quality, authentic Italian food at sensible prices. We also wanted to allow informal but excellent service to our customers. The aim remains the same today.’ Simon Kossoff, Board Chairman at Carluccio’s 

With the first Carluccio’s opening in 1999, the chain now manages over 100 Italian restaurants across the UK and the world, employing around 3,000 staff with the maximum 3 star rating from the sustainable restaurant association. When it comes to graduates, Carluccio’s offers a Graduate Management scheme including a special 26 week hands-on training period with a trip to Italy! With an overall rating of 4.2/5, Carluccio’s is rated particularly highly for enjoyment (4.4) and environmental awareness (4.6).

The average graduate salary comes in at £21,000 – £23,000, with one graduate explaining that ‘There are bonuses that are on top of the starting salary as well as on top of your main salary once you have finished your training’. Average working hours are from 7am – 4pm, although a few graduates mentioned work/life balancing wasn’t always easy, with one adding that the ‘normal working week is 55+hours. With sometimes a 5 hour gap from night before to next day’.

The best and worst things about working for Carluccio’s include;

‘Working for a restaurant company who really care about the food they serve. Pressure to cut cost eg. labour, while still maintaining the right level of service for our customers’
Assistant Manager, Spitalfields at Carluccio’s
‘The training and support we receive are fantastic as well as the people that we get to work with. It’s extremely stressful but that’s the nature of the job.’
General manager, Surrey at Carluccio’s
‘It is an amazing company to work for. Reputation of the company will be a great add to your resume. The experience and training that you get are extremely valuable. Also people around you make you feel very important and boost your confidence. Everybody is very friendly and helpful. Carluccio’s inspire you to be a better you and help you to grow. As everywhere in hospitality, hours can be a little tough, however, rewarding and worth it in the end!’
Assistant Manager, at Carluccio’s

Finally, interview tips include;

Application Advice: CV – to reflect the job you’re applying for. Highlight work experience/education that may stand out or reflect job role.
Interview Advice: Research – research not just the role or the company but the people too. An interviewer is more likely to remember you, if you know about them.
General manager, Management at Carluccio’s
Application Advice: Be prepared to work long hours, evenings and almost every weekend. You must enjoy working in a fast paced busy environment. The job is fun and enjoyable but also hard work and challenging at times.
Interview Advice: Make sure you are knowledgeable about the company and have eaten there before. They will probably ask you what you know about Carluccio’s and what did you notice about the service, food or atmosphere.
Assistant manager, Harrogate at Carluccio’s
Application Advice: This is a job for someone who is passionate about hospitality and food, who enjoys working with a variety of great people and being challenged daily.
Interview Advice: Be yourself – Carluccio’s know exactly what they are looking for. If you are nice, genuine and enthusiastic about the job and hospitality then you will be perfect for the role
Assistant Manager, Management at Carluccio’s
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