We are Europe’s leading airline, operating on over 600 routes across more than 30 countries with our fleet of over 200 Airbus aircraft. We employ over 8,000 people including 2,000 pilots and 4,500+ cabin crew. Last year we flew over 60 million passengers.

Winning a spot in the Top Rated Smaller Intake Firms of 2015/2016, easyJet‘s European Graduate Scheme offers around two years of rotations in areas such as Operations, Finance & Procurement, Strategy & Implementation and Network & Pricing, offering grads a wide range of experience with one of Europe’s leading low-cost airlines. With a strong overall rating of 4.0/5, easyJet receives particularly high scores for Colleagues (4.4), Company Culture (4.3) and Environmental Awareness (4.2). Let’s take a closer look at what their graduates have to say about life at easyJet…

1. What are the best and worst things about your job?

Best: The best thing about this job is the range of possibilities. I am currently on an IT rotational placement so I do 4 x 6month placements over the two year period. Though I am also able to branch out of my main function of IT and am encouraged to do a placement outside of the area so that I can gain a wide breadth of knowledge. You can also get put on big projects with which you can see the results quite quickly due to the fast-paced environment of easyJet.
Worst: Sometimes you may need to ask for more work to do as it isn’t just handed to you. So you would need to push a bit for this.
Business Analyst, Central Systems at easyJet
Best: Support and training opportunities given. The ability to move around the company into areas of interest. The responsibility given from day 1. The working hours. The working culture – work hard play hard. The smart casual dress code. Cheap flights!
Worst: The lack of formal structure of the graduate scheme
IT Graduate, IT at easyJet
Best: It is a very fast paced company where no one gets bored, and is actually a very friendly and open environment to work at. The position itself has high exposure to high profile work and to senior management.
Worst: Nothing, probably the workplace location could be better.
Network Development, Commercial at easyJet

2. Average working hours?

8am – 5pm

3. Average graduate salary?

£25,000 – £27,000

4. Any interview & application tips?

Application Advice: From what I remember, the psychometric testing is quite intuitive and self-explanatory. I’d suggest reviewing your CV/covering letter and tailor it to the department area and business you’re applying too.
Interview Advice: Examples – in the 1-1 personal interview, be prepared to back up your answers with real life examples where you have applied a certain skill. Cliched advice, and I know it used to drive me insane seeing it, but ‘just be yourself’ is the best advice you can get for the assessment centre. Don’t be afraid to speak up in the group tasks if you have an opinion/disagree with someone, but conversely, be conscious that you’re not being too overbearing.
Business Analyst, at easyJet
Application Advice: The application process is pretty straightforward, so just be confident in yourself. Also, during the online assessment tests, do not stress if you cannot get to finish all of the questions, but focus on getting right as many as you possibly can.
Interview Advice: There are a lot of people who are truly passionate about aviation working for easyJet, so if you are as well, that is a very good first step. Be open and yourself, as this is what easyJet likes.
Network Development, Commercial at easyJet
Application Advice: An interest in aviation is preferable but not essential – I didn’t really know anything about the industry before I came but I was passionate about travel and customer experience, which has definitely helped me in my placements. So if you don’t know much about aviation I wouldn’t let that stop you – you’re here to learn!
Interview Advice: Like everyone else says – be yourself. If you fit in with our values then you’ll be right at home! Draw on all your experiences, I think it’s best to show you’re well rounded and can give examples from times when you managed or achieved something. Speak up – don’t be that quiet person in the corner, but be wary of how you’re coming across to other people. You need to be a team player to work here.
Cabin Services Graduate, Cabin Services at easyJet

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