The largest airline in the UK by number of passengers carried, easyJet was launched in 1995 to serve the low-cost air travel segment and has grown rapidly to employ more than 8,900 staff throughout Europe. EasyJet has been rated as one of the Top 100 Small Companies For Graduates To Work For in 2014/2015 and reviews have highlighted the quality, enthusiasm and great attitude of employees. With a score of 4.0/5 overall, easyJet is also rated well for the overall company culture (4.3), environmental awareness (4.2) and work enjoyment (4.1). 

The average salary at easyJet was between £25,000 – £27,000, with some graduates explaining that ‘salary is standard, but there is on top of it a 10%-20% bonus which brings the sum to a better figure’ although to ‘be aware that many of the areas that the graduates tend to live in can be fairly expensive’. Average working hours came to 8am – 5pm although these varied according to positions within the firm; for example a Cabin Services Graduate described 5am starts and occasional weekend shifts and a Business Analyst described ‘very flexible working hours. As long as you get your work done, and don’t miss any meetings, managers are very relaxed about when you come in/go home’.

The best and worst things about working for easyJet included:

‘If you are looking for a job that will offer you key responsibilities and the ability to be involved in lots of things then this place is perfect. Location of the company is not good if you want to be in the heart of a city.’

‘The company is made up of really passionate people and offers great travel benefits (and right next to the airport, so easy to travel straight from work!). The graduates tend to get a fair bit of responsibility with means some great experience… he company is very lean, so the teams tend to be fairly small so you could find yourself slightly stretched at times. There is also the problem that some staff members treat the graduates as students still, despite many having several years of experience.’

‘It is a very fast paced company where no one gets to get bored, and is actually a very friendly and open environment to work at. The position itself has high exposure to high profile work and to senior management… the workplace location could be better.’

Finally, interview tips given by easyJet graduates included:

‘Just be yourself would be the best advice I could give. The assessment day was fairly relaxed, designed to make you feel at ease. Use it as a chance to find out if the company is the right fit for you too. I was asked a lot of questions from my CV (so make sure you know it well) and questions about where I’d demonstrated certain skills.’ 

‘There are a lot of people who are truly passionate about aviation working for easyJet, so if you are as well, that is a very good first step. Be open and yourself, as this is what easyJet likes.’

Interested in finding out more about easyJet? Click here for the full collection of graduate job reviews! You can also browse easyJet’s collection of promotional videos on their YouTube channel.

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