‘We are proud to be the Yorkshire food retailer serving customers across the UK over more than 500 stores, 150 M locals and an online home delivery service… We are proud of what makes us ‘Morrisons’ – we make a distinctive offer to our customers centred around fresh food, craft skills and vertical integration through our manufacturing business; the way we lead & support our colleagues and our unique heritage.’ Morrisons website, 2015

With twelve different graduate schemes to offer, Morrisons invests heavily in their graduates; looking to them as the future leaders of the firm. Choices of schemes include logistics, supply chain, retail and HR, with the firm generally looking for grads with a 2:1 or higher, plus above a C in GCSE maths and english. Graduates with Morrisons will benefit from their Coaching for Performance courses as well as the Training Academy, and benefits include a profit share plus store discounts. Rated an overall 3.7/5, Morrisons is rated especially highly for colleagues (4.1) and career progression (3.9). 

The average salary for graduates at Morrisons is £25,000 – £27,000, with one graduate explaining that ‘Morrisons does pay well for a retail role’ and another adding that ‘you get a pay rise after the first year and then it is performance related pay once you are off the scheme and into a permanent role’. Average working hours were 8am – 5pm although it was clarified that ‘Work hours vary depending on the team you are in and the project you are working on’.

The best and worst things about working for Morrisons included;

‘Exciting, fast paced environment with lots of opportunity to get involved with a variety of projects and campaigns. Graduate scheme can often be slightly forgotten about and planning for a placement sometimes feels last minute.’
Marketing Graduate, Customer Planning at WM Morrisons
‘The work atmosphere is very good, with flexibility around hours and a nice working environment. The IT Senior management (and the IT department as a whole) are very enthusiastic about the graduate program. There is a lack of clarity about future placements.’
IT and Business Change Graduate, IT Quality and Continuous Improvement at WM Morrisons
‘The variety! Every day is different, and you’re given real opportunities and responsibilities from Day One. The hours – don’t expect a 9 to 5 job!’
Graduate Online Trader, Morrisons Food.com at WM Morrisons

Finally, interview tips included;

Application Advice: Take your time and don’t panic with the online tests, be yourself and research what Morrisons is all about before your online interview and assessment center.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and show your passion for the company and its values.
Graduate Trainee, Senior Store Management at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Understand and take an interest in the retail sector. Do your research on Morrisons history and values as well as recent ventures. Practise interview and role play techniques.
Interview Advice: Show a passion for retail and marketing. Be yourself. Give some examples of previous experience that may apply to your role.
Marketing Graduate, Marketing at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: The process was very fast for me. It’s an initial application online, a set of online tests – one was maths based, one was prioritising emails, then a video interview which was really bizarre, as there is no-one on the other end – the questions flash up, you get about 10seconds to read, understand and think of an answer, then a certain amount of time to answer them via webcam. Then it is the assessment day. As far as advice goes for applying – make sure you want it. It is long days, a lot to learn. and there is a large training folder to work through and complete to timescales – you need to take control of your own learning, as you are literally left to it. You must also be prepared to travel – the likelihood of you being placed in your local store 10 minutes down the road is slim.
Interview Advice: This was a group assessment day consisting of an ice-breaker, group decision making activity, presentation/action plan on a given topic, prioritising activity and an individual interview. The whole thing lasted roughly 9am-3pm. Key things to remember: speak up, but don’t speak over people. They are looking for leadership skills, confidence, and personality, along with the ability to reason and influence. In your interview, you’ll be asked standard “why do you want the job”, “are you willing to work long flexible hours” type questions, along with giving examples of how you have demonstrated leadership, problem solving and challenging events. The day itself is actually not as stressful as it sounds, it is a great chance to meet other grads – you do feel like you are competing for a job against them, but probably over half of the people that attended my assessment day got on to the scheme.
Retail Graduate, at WM Morrisons

Click here to read the full range of job reviews and watch the video below for more information on graduate schemes at Morrisons!



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