WM Morrisons Graduate Interview Questions and Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at WM Morrisons

"It's a lot about your personality and how you come across. Be positive, try and make yourself stand out. Practice presentation skills and prepare interview answers, likely to be around the company values which are: - Can do - One Team - Bringing out the best in people - Fresh Thinking - Great Shopkeeping - Great Selling and Service"
Supply Chain Graduate Scheme, Supply Chain at WM Morrisons
"Be open and honest. Don't speak over people but do contribute. Accept other peoples views. During team exercises try to work together. Never put another applicant down."
Production and Manufacturing Graduate, Manufacturing at WM Morrisons
"Role play and team work excersises made up a large part of the interview process. It is always good to nominate/volenteer to be the person to keep the time, take notes or chair the discussions."
Management and Manufacturing Graduate, Manufacturing at WM Morrisons
"Previous work history Degree studies"
Graduate Trader, Fresh at WM Morrisons
"Be prepared to be pushed in your final interview, they want to make sure the job is right for you. Don't be afraid to use examples from a variety of experiences, no one has perfect work experience that's expected to be relevant."
Analyst, Groupwide Graduate at WM Morrisons
"Research what the company stands for and how it compares to competitors. "
Business Analyst, Convenience at WM Morrisons
"Really learn the values. We live and breathe them and if you don't fit them then don't even bother applying. Really learn our strategy for the year. My one secret - "The Plan on a Page". Don't forget this. It will look impressive if you focus on our strategy as it will show you have done your research and will be able to fit in to our organisations plans well. Have confidence in yourself and in your convictions - you will be overlooked if you don't. Don't be domineering or arrogant - it puts people off hiring you. Remember to prepare some general answers: "why do you want to work at Morrisons", "why do you want to do this scheme"?... You should always be expected to be asked this in an interview so make sure that your answer wows. Don't lie - they will see straight through you."
Group Wide Graduate, Hilmore House at WM Morrisons
"Refer all your answers back to the Company's value. Be confident and don't be scared to go into great detail about your achievements."
Technical Graduate - Online, Food Quality at WM Morrisons
"A lot of the interview questions were based around the values of Wm Morrisons, therefore I cannot stress enough how important it is to read, understand and know these values. It is then a good idea to think about how you can link these values into your generic interview questions about showing examples on communication, leadership, teamwork, etc. There will be specific questions that relate to the graduate scheme you are applying for. So for example, as I am on the IT and Business Change graduate scheme, a question that I was asked was "What current technology interests you most in business and why?". "
Junior Project Manager, Projects at WM Morrisons
"Relate all answers back to the company's values, research the history of the company and understand the vertical integration which Morrisons prides itself on."
Cutover Manager, Implementation at WM Morrisons