WM Morrisons Graduate Application and Interview Tips

This page provides you with application and interview advice provided directly by graduates working at WM Morrisons

Application Advice: Understand about the job role and what technical means in retail environment. Especially what technical could mean in different areas of the business rather than just a technologist role. Be yourself and be honest.
Interview Advice: Be prepared for competency based questions and being able to relate these to the Morrisons values. Make sure that you are honest with yourself and know your strengths and weaknesses.
Technical Graduate, Technical at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Get as much work experience as you can before you apply.
Interview Advice: Be confident and enthusiastic. The assessment centre is a tough and challenging day!
Marketing Graduate, Customer Planning at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Take your time and don't panic with the online tests, be yourself and research what Morrisons is all about before your online interview and assessment center.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and show your passion for the company and its values.
Graduate Trainee, Senior Store Management at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Excellent scheme to join and important that you join with an open mind. Great course to complete to discover if manufacturing is for you
Manufacturing and Management Graduate, Production at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Understand and take an interest in the retail sector. Do your research on Morrisons history and values as well as recent ventures. Practise interview and role play techniques.
Interview Advice: Show a passion for retail and marketing. Be yourself. Give some examples of previous experience that may apply to your role.
Marketing Graduate, Marketing at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: The application is same as what it is at any other big companies, talent and the will to do is what is required to get a seat in the corporate box.
Interview Advice: This is a 4 stage process. 1. Psychometric test 2. Telephonic interview 3. Assessment centre 4. Final Interview
Network Analyst, Networks, Telecoms and Security at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Be honest and enthusiastic in your application scheme
Interview Advice: In the video interview take time before each question to think things through, and test out your setup to make sure you record clearly.
IT and Business Change Graduate, IT Quality and Continuous Improvement at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: The process was very fast for me. It's an initial application online, a set of online tests - one was maths based, one was prioritising emails, then a video interview which was really bizarre, as there is no-one on the other end - the questions flash up, you get about 10seconds to read, undertand and think of an answer, then a certain amount of time to answer them via webcam. Then it is the assessment day. As far as advice goes for applying - make sure you want it. It is long days, a lot to learn. and there is a large training folder to work through and complete to timescales - you need to take control of your own learning, as you are literally left to it. You must also be prepared to travel - the likelihood of you being placed in your local store 10 minutes down the road is slim.
Interview Advice: This was a group assessment day consisting of an ice breaker, group decision making activity, presentation/action plan on a given topic, prioritising activity and an individual interview. The whole thing lasted roughly 9am-3pm. Key things to remember: speak up, but don't speak over people. They are looking for leadership skills, confidence, and personality, along with the ability to reason and influence. In your interview, you'll be asked standard "why do you want the job", "are you willing to work long flexible hours" type questions, along with giving examples of how you have demonstrated leadership, problem solving and challenging events. The day itself is actually not as stressful as it sounds, it is a great chance to meet other grads - you do feel like you are competing for a job against them, but probably over half of the people that attended my assessment day got on to the scheme.
Retail Graduate, at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Back all the points you are making around skills with pratical evidence with what you have done at work/school/uni etc.
Interview Advice: Be yourself and show off your personality.
SBO Project Implementer, at WM Morrisons
Application Advice: Be yourself - it sounds simple enough, but companies are looking to match you up to their company ethos and values as much as they are your skills and experience. You'll enjoy it much more if you're just being yourself.
Interview Advice: Be confident, smile and crucially, talk about what you can bring to the company, rather than how the role will be good for you!
Graduate Online Trader, Morrisons Food.com at WM Morrisons