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Employing over 21,000 people in the UK alone, Telefonica is one of the Top 100 Rated Firms for Graduates to Work For in 2015/2016; offering their graduates a wealth of opportunities including schemes in the streams of HR, Sales, Marketing, Finance, Technology, Strategy and Business. With a strong overall rating of 4.0, Telefonica is rated particularly highly for their graduates in the areas of Environmental Awareness (4.4), Colleagues (4.3) and Company Culture (4.3). Let’s take a look at what graduates have told us about their careers at Telefonica!

1. Best And Worst Things About Your Job

Best: Flexibility of setting your own hours, location, choosing holidays, family friendly, flexible benefits, high social cohesion, very friendly environment, etc.
Worst: Pay is at market level, career progression can be slow in some areas, some professional certification courses can be hard to get.
Project Manager, Channels & Innovation at Telefonica
Best: Flexibility and friendly environment. The ability to have input into the company from day one and being encouraged to be disruptive in the market place.
Worst: Handling of interns who have already graduated from uni and are looking to apply for a role in the company.
PR Executive, PR at Telefonica
Best: Freedom to do (within reason) what I want. There is no micro-management – I am free to go in and out, and work from home and in office as it suits me. The flexibility means that I am always happy putting above and beyond when it is need because I feel grateful for the flexibility the company offers me.
Worst: The organisation of the graduate rotations. We are rarely included in those conversations, despite many of us who are happy to organise ourselves, where our next rotation could be.
Online Trading Manager, Trading at Telefonica
8am – 5pm

3. Average Salary

£29,000 – £31,000

4. Interview Tips

Application Advice: The most important thing is to be yourself and don’t feel pressured to lie or embellish because you think that’s what people want to hear. If you have to lie to get a job then is it really what you want to be doing? You are far more likely to get a job by showing the interviewer the real you and not some grandstanding fictional character.
Interview Advice: The interview was only part of the assessment, which also included group and individual tasks which are designed to show how well you can work. The tasks vary every year, but will generally be based on applying your analysis and planning skills to a brief either giving an individual presentation or working as a group. As for the interview itself, I found knowledge of the company was very important, as there were several questions about my understanding of the company and the market, as well as questions about me.
Graduate Network Analyst, Element Management at Telefonica
Application Advice: Be yourself and show what’s different and interesting about you. Be relaxed and natural and let your personality come across.
Interview Advice: If you had unlimited money what campaign would you run (marketing)? If you were an animal what animal would you be?
PR Executive, PR at Telefonica
Application Advice: Be enthusiastic and engaged. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and voice your ideas.
Interview Advice: Part of the assessment day is some group activities. Learn to be a team player-listen and work together. They want to see how you work in a team and your attitude towards other members and personalities. Teamwork is v. important in any role in Telefonica.
Operations graduate, Networks at Telefonica
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