Are you struggling at the office with the pressure to deliver?
If you know you have the ability but can’t get on top of your workload, use three simple steps to fine-tune your time management skills and find your focus:

  • Give yourself an extra hour

If you’re working on a particularly challenging project, why not start your day a little earlier?

An early start allows you to catch up on your emails and routine tasks before the work day officially begins, leaving you feeling more in control.

  • Write lists and prioritise

‘To-Do Lists’ are a simple yet effective way to improve productivity and take control of your time.

If you’re not a fan of traditional pen and paper, download a fun app like CARROT or keep a list on your desktop for easy access.

Prioritise every morning and religiously move unfinished items to the following day.

There’s nothing more satisfying than crossing tasks off, and, at day’s end, it’s fulfilling to see how much you have accomplished.

  • Put irritating interruptions on hold

If you’re in a high-pressure job, your working day will typically involve a barrage of incoming calls, emails and requests that can distract you from the task at hand.

Don’t feel obliged to tackle each one immediately.

Take a minute to consider your current priorities, filter by importance and only stop what you’re doing if it’s absolutely necessary.

Take time out NOW to tweak your time management skills.
Your working life will be less stressful, more productive and more enjoyable!

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