Did you know that having a desk job doubles your risk of having a heart attack?
This worrying NHS statistic suggests that a sedentary job 
jeopardises long-term health.

Minimise the harmful effects of too much time on your desktop, by making these small changes to increase activity at work.

  • A fit commute

Give up your seat on public transport and consider getting off before your destination to clock up some steps.
If at all possible, scoot, walk or bike to work.
Bypass that lift, take the stairs!

  • Face to face

Instead of emailing or calling a colleague in another department, seize the opportunity to leave your desk and make personal contact.


  • Take regular breaks

Don’t just sit there!
Try to move around every thirty minutes.
If your office environment allows, do some discreet stretches.


  • Loo break lunges

A quick set of lunges or squats during bathroom trips will tone those glutes, kick-start circulation, fire up the grey cells – and boost your mood!


  • Desk exercises

Check out articles and video tutorials for toning exercises to do in your chair.
Leave reminders on your desk/computer to engage your core, circle your ankles and squeeze those buttocks. 


  • Look at posture

Google best-sitting positions to minimise strain and pain.

Stay committed to staying healthy!

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